4 Reasons You Might Resist Software Implementation Help — And Why You Shouldn’t

By Luke Kallner
Jul 18 2023 read

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of implementing new software for your business, you’re certainly not alone. After putting a lot of time and energy into researching and selecting the right software, you may be feeling decision fatigue. 

Especially if you have a tech-savvy team, it might seem reasonable that you wouldn’t need formal implementation to be successful. But BCG research shows that 70% of digital transformations fail to meet objectives, despite having leadership buy-in and a strategy in place. The execution part is where many businesses fall short.

We’ve seen the positive impacts of an implementation program over and over, and we’re here to reassure you that your objections are likely unwarranted when you look closely. Let’s talk about four honest thoughts you might have when presented with the option of expert software implementation.

1. I’m Worried About the Cost

This is the go-to thought, and it’s a wise one to have. As a leader and decision-maker, you should be concerned about the bottom line. The cost of software is already significant, so your instinct may be to say no to anything that seems like an add-on. Or, you may not have considered the cost of working with an implementation team in your initial budget.

While these are valid concerns, you could be shorting your business without realizing it. When you break down the billable hours you could lose by diverting a few team members away from their day jobs for data migration and setup, training and ongoing troubleshooting — not to mention change management — you’ll discover just how inexpensive it is to have external help.


Let’s say, for example, that your agency charges clients an average of $150 per hour. If it takes two of your employees two full weeks to manage the initial transition to new software, you’ve already lost $24,000 of billable potential, while covering the labor costs for those individuals. Throw in an extra three to five hours per week of training and unexpected attention or contacting platform support, and you’re losing up to $1,500 more of billable work each week until your team is up and running.
And don’t forget: It’s easy to underestimate these numbers because you won’t know what your chosen software will require until you’re in it!


By contrast, implementation is a one-time investment when it’s done right. The upfront number you see in a sales call may seem scary but don’t forget to work out what you’d be spending without that guidance.

➡️ Have you evaluated how much unused and underutilized software you’re paying for now?

2. We Don’t Have Time 

Time, as we all know, is a limited resource. You’re correct in thinking that implementation and training will take up quite a bit of yours. However, when you manage implementation internally, you risk losing lots of valuable time, as you can see in the example above.

The time-saving way is what we do with new users at Accelo: We train the trainer. Our Professional Services team asks you to assign a “champion” on your team who will learn the platform well enough to be able to teach others. That way, you don’t have to worry about not being as efficient as possible.

We also offer live trainings and Q-and-A sessions, where we split up the large and powerful platform by module, starting with what’s most important to your business. It’s impossible to mimic this approach and avoid investing unnecessary hours unless you have a person who’s already well-versed on the given platform.

➡️ Sometimes, an all-in approach to training will get you up and running faster. See how GIANT Creative chose to implement Accelo.

3. This Won’t Impact My Clients

In a service business, you’re heavily focused on your clients. As a result, it’s easy to neglect operational improvements. But when you develop efficient workflows on the back end, your client will notice the difference on the front end.

A properly implemented client work management platform will be visible in many ways to your prospects and clients. They’ll see clearer quotes and more detailed invoices, which they can access in a convenient client portal.

On the other hand, if your team takes too long to get up and running with new software, it could negatively impact client communication and slow down your project delivery.

➡️ B2B marketing agency Grey Matter mimicked Accelo’s implementation processes to improve client onboarding.

4. My Team Can Figure It Out

This thought is most likely true. Your talented team can figure out new software, but the question is: At what cost?

In addition to the monetary costs, there are the less visible risks. If your employees aren’t experienced with software implementation, they’re probably going to be frustrated at some point. Not to mention overwhelmed by having to handle more responsibilities. As a result, you could have a bigger problem than adjusting to new technology. Your team could experience burnout, which can have a detrimental effect on your company culture and employee retention.

For an out-of-the-box app, you can let your team take on the task of implementation. But for truly transformative business software like a client work management platform, it’s critical they have the support they need to improve efficiency and see returns as soon as possible.

➡️ You’re likely to have a greater ROI from your new software if you invest in expert implementation.

Why Support Makes All the Difference

At Accelo, we believe in expert implementation for many reasons, the most important being that it gives you and your team the greatest chance of achieving the results you want with the platform.  

Read what real users say about Accelo’s implementation, training and onboarding process. 

Still have questions? Find out more about the platform in a demo, or start a free trial to get a glimpse of what it will do for your business.


About the Author


Luke Kallner is a Solutions Consultant at Accelo, where he consults with potential clients on how they could use Accelo to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Having been with Accelo for two years, he has in-depth knowledge of the platform and each product’s capabilities. Luke started as a Sales Development Representative and has been promoted internally on two occasions.

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