5 Best Client Portal Examples for 2021

5 Best Client Portal Examples for 2022

31-Jan 2022

What is a Client Portal?

A client portal is the essential electronic gateway between an organization and the clients it serves. This important client software provides exclusive entry to a collection of services, info, or files through an online portal accessible via the internet. 

Client portals, or customer portals, are utilized by many industries that seek to streamline their clients’ experience. Commercial organizations, design studios, insurance firms, banks, and more use client portals to create an efficient line of communication with their customers. Small to medium enterprises use client portals to aid in managing day-to-day operations. 

This article will cover the top 5 client portal examples of 2022. Before picking a solution for your unique business and clients, explore the best of the best in client portals to learn more about this must-have software. 


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5 Best Client Portals 


Accelo offers a client portal that helps organizations stay connected with their clients 24 hours a day through document-sharing, content-sharing, and billing capabilities. Accelo values transparency — the client portal gives your clients easy access to their account so they can view their projects, services, and contracts and they’re empowered to handle some things themselves, through self-services. 

Accelo streamlines your work by featuring on-demand access to services that you provide for your clients. Accelo’s highly-customizable client portal settings makes it perfectly suited for organizations in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Digital and creative industries
  • Marketing 
  • Managed service providers
  • Info technology
  • Engineering 
  • Property and architecture
  • Business consulting
  • Accounting 
  • Public relations

Accelo spans so many industries because of its versatile features, such as:

  • Real-time project tracking. The portal allows clients — and their stakeholders — secure access to their open tasks and projects. This transparency provides your clients the ability to see how their budget is being utilized in real-time.
  • Round-the-clock issue requests. This portal gives clients the ability to make service requests or raise issues 24/7. This creates a space for easy collaboration. 
  • Easy document review. You can give your clients access to view select documents, project plans, contracts, and more for easy viewing — without having to send emails. 
  • Notifications about client activity. Accelo’s client portal gives you the ability to receive email notifications about any client interactions for full-time collaboration.
  • Control of permissions. This client portal allows you to fully customize what your clients can view in their portal.
  • Secure file-sharing. All file-sharing and uploads are automatically stored in the client portal account for easy, safe sharing capabilities.
  • Highly customizable client portal. One of Accelo’s most prevalent features is its easy branding tools. Let your clients choose everything from colors to background images to content.

Accelo’s services range from $39 to $79 per month, depending on the plan you choose.


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Huddle is a company that provides client portals that aim to create aesthetically beautiful shared spaces. Huddle’s client portal is best for organizations that focus on teams, partners, and other groups. It provides an efficient workspace for managing documents, approvals, discussions, and revisions in one easy-to-use place.

Huddle is popular in a range of industries, such as:

  • Accounting and consultancy
  • Government
  • Marketing and media
  • Managed services
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Construction and engineering
  • Utilities

Huddle’s streamlined features include:

  • Easy collaboration. Huddle gives its client one easy-to-use space for file management, discussion, and more. 
  • File sharing. This client portal bypasses the need for email attachments and various apps by making access easy to manage. 
  • Government-level security. Huddle is utilized by several government agencies, so its security features are top-of-the-line. 
  • Branded client portals. Huddle allows your clients to easily brand their portals with their logo and signage. 
  • File requests and tasks. These client portal features allow your clients to easily assign tasks and request files from their teams. 
  • Seamless remote work. Huddle works well on mobile devices and with Microsoft suites, making it ideal for remote work. 

Huddle provides pricing for its services when you request a quote directly.

 Huddle's Client Portal



HyperOffice is a client portal that focuses its efforts on service-provider industries. Its services work best for industries such as: 

  • Healthcare
  • Education 
  • Public Sector
  • K12 Education

HyperOffice’s comprehensive features include:

  • Efficient workflow. HyperOffice allows your clients to automate workflow and manage their data with simple organization tools. 
  • Access to teamwork. This client portal gives clients the ability to engage with teams and customers via chat, audio, and video. 
  • Streamlined collaboration. HyperOffice makes collaboration easy with its complete collaboration toolkit and the ability to easily edit extranet and intranet experiences. 

HyperOffice’s services range from $5 to $15 per month. 

 HyperOffice's Client Portal



ShareFile’s client portal provides services focused on security, collaboration, and comprehensive tools. This client portal software is designed for industries like:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Legal services

ShareFile’s strongest features include:

  • Top-notch security. This client portal gives you control over how sensitive data is handled and includes password protection, device lock, remote wipe capabilities, and more. 
  • Flexible storage. ShareFile allows for in-person storage, cloud-based storage, or both. It even allows you the option to encrypt data with your own keys. 
  • Customizable tools. ShareFile gives you the ability to navigate industry regulations from the financial industry to health data and beyond. 
  • File sharing abilities.  This software makes it easy for your clients to have a positive user experience when storing and sharing files — all on a secure network. 

ShareFile’s extensive services range from $50 to just under $340 per month. 

 ShareFile's Client Portal


Zoho is a widely used company that provides unique and effective client portal services to over 50 million users worldwide. Zoho serves well-known organizations that range from apparel to agricultural industries.

Zoho provides its services through a series of comprehensive apps — ranging from customer service to social media management and more — which can be bundled to meet the needs of various industries. The price varies because of Zoho’s broad range of client portal services, but free quotes are available via Zoho’s website. 

Zoho's Client Portal


Ready to Upgrade Your Client Portal Services?

These client portal examples only begin to cover the ways that client portals can help streamline the communication between you and your clients.  Learn more about how Accelo client portal can help you build your business and provide a positive user experience for you and the clients you serve. Try out Accelo’s client portal by signing up for a free trial.

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