5 Habits of Successful Digital Project Managers

10-Feb 2016

1. They plan for success

At digital agencies, you’re constantly thrown curve balls, so project plans need to be flexible (so you can dodge any bullet). The best digital project managers invest time in finding a platform that gives them an overview of everything that’s going on so that they can dynamically plan for success and adjust as scope changes. Tools with easy-to-use drag and drop Gantt charts that facilitate project structure and planning are keythat way you won’t miss anything.

2. They communicate with their clients

Managing expectations is crucial. That means you need to communicate often with your clients, but that’s sometimes easier said than done. Instead of dealing with email forwards, CC’s and FYIs, invest in a solid project collaboration software, which a study commissioned by Accelo found that only 33% of professionals use. That way, you can gain the transparency you need to make the best decisions and deliver amazing projects.  

3. They delegate

Successful digital project managers know they can’t possibly do it all on their own, especially at a hectic digital agency. That’s why they delegate smaller projects and tasks to their teamand so should you. Having a tool with team scheduling that lets you know who to staff pre-kickoff and who can help when scope changes is game-changing because it enables you to be proactive instead of reactive.

4. They use smart tools

If your clients are the heart, your projects are the brain, and your team is the muscle, then you need a bodyor a smart technology platformto keep everything running smoothly together. Successful digital project managers have done their research on the tools that exist and opt for a software that best meets their needs for things like automated triggers, time tracking, project tracking, and even task management for the nitty gritty stuff. That way, they can manage everything seamlessly.

5. They delight their customers

As Drew McLellan wrote on his blog, “if we don’t create an amazing experience, someone else will”. Successful digital project managers know that if they want their creative project to be successful, they’ve got to be transparent and delight their customers every step of the way.

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