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9 Mobile Apps to Help Stay Productive While Out of Office

Feb 16 2019 read

Mobile technology has become an essential aspect of our day-to-day lives. We rely on our mobile devices for everyday tasks, especially the apps we've chosen to use our precious storage on.

According to a report from ComScore - mobile users spend about 87% of their time in apps, versus 13% on mobile web. Not only can we leverage our mobile apps for daily menial functions, but there's plenty of productive work benefits that can come from it when you download the right ones!

9 Essential Apps to Work OOO:
1. Stay on the same page with Slack

Slack keeps team members connected no matter where they are. It's an office fan favorite across all of our departments. Through Slack our own team effectively collaborates, updates each other on project progress, and maintains communication in real-time.

Slack's mobile app enables you to do this while you're away from your desktop. Open the app and access all of your favorite channels, direct message your co-workers, and send updates as quickly as you would send out a text message.

Here's how members from our team utilizes the most out of Slack's app:

"I've plugged all of the various systems that we use to manage the various facets of the company into Slack, allowing me to use it to see update, contact people, and start larger processes." - Mahlon, Product Manager - Integrations

"From one tool, I can stay in touch with the team, schedule reminders for myself and others and get key notifications from other tools (e.g. JIRA and Accelo) via their integrations with Slack." Katherine C. - Integrations Specialist

2. Collaborate and share files easily with Google Drive

Google Drive enables you to view, share, store, and manage your team's files and folders from the cloud. With the mobile app, there's several ways to share files. You can send it out via email directly, share into a Slack conversation, or send through another messenger. As long as you've saved it in Google Drive you can get your hands on it whenever necessary.

3. Attend meetings on-the-go with Zoom

For professionals who find themselves literally working on-the-go or those rare occasions when your cellular data connection is stronger than your Wi-Fi, the Zoom app gives you the power to connect with your collaborators and clients to participate in meetings without being in the office. With this video conference app, join your company all-hands meeting, schedule a meeting and set to record, and send invitations to meet. When the meeting is happening, you have the ability to share your screen, if needed. 

4. Stay connected by email with Gmail

Stay on top of your work emails and personal emails with the Gmail app. For Gmail users whose businesses use G Suite, receive emails from both your inboxes. At the touch of a button, go between your inboxes, respond to your emails, organize emails with labels, and snooze messages for a later time.

5. Manage your business operations and track your time with Accelo

Oversee your clients, sales, projects, issues, requests, and retainers all from the Accelo mobile app. While out of office, maintain visibility stay in the loop with a real-time activity stream. With all the tasks you're completing through your phone, you can also update your timesheet and log your hours on the app.

6. Create DOCs anytime with Word

If your company already has an Office 365 subscription, you can install and sign into the Word app to get to work via mobile. Just as you would at your office desktop or laptop, select your optimal template and format and customize your document to your liking. Start writing, editing, and sharing files with your team members all from your phone.

7. Organize your expenses with Expensify

For those who travel a lot for work, the Expensify app can simplify the way you keep track of your receipts and manage your expenses. With the app, take a quick photo of your receipt in real-time and it will automatically capture the details of your receipt. Then, categorize and group your expenses into a report and send it off to your supervisor for approval.

8. Don't forget your lunch with MealPal

Instead of remembering to make your lunch, or taking time out of your day to find a lunch spot, download this mobile app to make lunch easier. MealPal offers meals every weekday with over 1000 local restaurants to choose from. Available in 20 cities internationally, sign-up for a flexible, affordable monthly meal plan subscription. Every day select your meal the day of and skip the line at the restaurant of your choice.

"It helps me keep my diet balanced and nutritious. I get to skip the line and it helps me increase my productivity, so I can get back to work quicker." Hyung K. - Accelo, Data Analyst

9. Cancel out the noise and stay on track with Spotify

From music to podcasts, select a playlist via Spotify's expansive selection of genres. If you're someone who likes to drown out the background noise, or music helps to stay focused while working, grab your headphones and listen to your music with this app. While your music is on, jump to one of the other productive apps we described above to get to work!

Utilize the mobile apps we listed to work proactively wherever you go. See how Accelo's mobile app can help you stay on top of your tasks and manage your operations while on-the-go by installing it on your phone!

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