"I Love It!"

A Day in the Life of an Accelo Intern

22-Mar 2018

Have you ever thought of interning or working for Accelo?

I'm one of the four interns currently at Accelo and have been here for more than a year. As the longest standing intern in San Francisco, I have a lot to share about my experience working for a SaaS company in the Valley, and to be completely honest, I love it!

When I first started at Accelo - as a first-year college student - I had my own doubts about whether or not I could perform my job well. However, with the supportive team that pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone, I have picked up many new skills along the way that are very useful and applicable.

With that said, here are the top skills I've gained throughout my time so far:

  • Understanding the ins and outs of Accelo as a SaaS product. There’s definitely a steep learning curve but you eventually pick up Accelo lingo and become familiarized with the software.

  • Realizing that there are a back-end and front-end side to SaaS. Just like how you can make a website from scratch (without any coding involved), you can also configure Accelo in the back-end, and after configuration, you can go in as a normal user using the software.

  • The ability to assess clients’ business models and understand their businesses. Clients come to Accelo for a reason, so it’s our job to find their specific needs, and transparently present them with how Accelo can provide the best value.

  • Thinking analytically about our clients’ business operations. This is crucial because configuring specific features that can easily help automate our clients’ businesses can be a win to the game.


  • Gaining client interaction and communication skills. It can be daunting to speak to a client but Accelo allows the opportunity for interns to work towards being able to interact with clients and listen on their implementation and training sessions, which is really helpful because you pick up certain ways that client success officers solve a problem or situation.

  • Acquiring research and presentation skills. Especially in a startup, you get the opportunity to research various industries, explore potential options to improve our internal processes, create nice slide decks and eventually, present it to the team.

  • Sharpening your quantitative skills. You also get to learn how Accelo keeps track of finances. For example, you learn how to calculate the weekly churn and expansion rates and others like monthly recurring revenue.

  • Last but not least, making myself a self-initiator. Especially in a startup company, the more you self-initiate work, put effort into the projects and learn what interests you, the more you will get out of the opportunity.

So far, I've had fun, weird, and hard-working times with everyone at Accelo... And I'm looking forward to many more! There are a lot of intern horror stories out there (just check Reddit), but this isn't one of them. Please share my post if you found this positive intern story a nice change of pace :)

More importantly, reach out to Accelo if you're eager to join a growing startup that helps people get back to doing the work they love!

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