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A Foolproof Formula For Team Collaboration

8-Jun 2017
Project Management

Have you ever found yourself wondering what your teammates are working on, or why they seem to be doing less work than you are?

If so, you might be wishing there was a way of knowing what their schedules looked like - so you could reassign them the work you no longer have time for.

What you may not know though, is that there’s a way to do exactly this. With a smart automation platform, you’ll get the transparency you’ve been looking for - and it’ll allow you to run more successful projects while working more collaboratively with your team.

Sounds good right? Here are a few more reasons why you need a smart automation platform for infallible team collaboration and productivity:

Improved Task Management

Smart platforms with Task Boards allow you to easily view all of your team's tasks, as well as their corresponding statuses so that you know exactly what work they’ve been assigned (and how long they'll be tasked out for).

But, what if you see that certain team members are being underutilized? Instantly assign or split tasks with them to get your work completed on time and on budget - making it far easier for you to collaborate on projects that are approaching their deadline.

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Increased Transparency

Finally, a single place for shared tasks, discussions, and files! Easily organize and view you teams projects and milestones in an instant with a smart platform that syncs with your professional (and social) calendars. That way, you’ll have the company-wide transparency you need to manage every project, task, issue or contract together.

You can also take a photo or record a video and attach it to a project - so that you can continuously update your team on client work (especially when working remotely).

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Client Retention

Imagine having a central database (of all your clients) for everyone on your team to access - streamlined simplicity! With a smart platform, you can automatically transfer all the information you have on clients from your email, address book, and calendar to store in one place for all to see. Project updates relating to certain clients, and communication history, will automatically be imported, so that everyone on your team knows exactly what’s going on, always.

What's even better? Support tickets can also be imported into the same dashboard, so client questions never go unanswered.

If you’re ready to start streamlining your workflows and work more collaboratively than ever before, you should check this out, or click here to start your free trial of automated software today.

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