A New Accelo Mobile App Experience — Available Now In Beta!

By Ryu Calderon
Product Manager
May 5 2023 read

We're excited to announce Accelo’s new mobile app beta has launched on iOS and Android!

This early access beta release of the new mobile experience offers a sneak peak at the new app and provides users the chance to be part of the development journey through sharing feedback that will help our team as we continue to build and improve the new Accelo mobile app.

The Engineering, Design and Product teams redesigned Accelo's mobile experience to focus on the tools mobile users need most while simultaneously upgrading the underlying architecture. The redesign narrows the focus of mobile, reducing cognitive load for users. By carefully selecting features to support on mobile, we’ve created user flows that maximize the mobile experience. 

This initiative is dedicated to building the right application for users who need to use Accelo on the go. The redesigned mobile application has been built on Flutter, which will increase the Mobile team's ability to deliver features and updates more quickly, as well as use the same UI and business logic in Android and iOS — resulting in a more cohesive user experience for all our mobile users.

The beta testers will experience the following features: 

  • Home Screen
  • List of Companies, Tasks, Tickets, Sales, Projects, Contacts and Expenses
  • Log Time
  • Search
  • Task Checklists
  • Timesheet
  • View and Edit Task
  • View Company, Sale, Ticket 

The new look and feel of the mobile app aligns with the UI/UX redesign we are currently working on for the web application. Because of this, users will be able to move back and forth between applications smoothly.

Below are just a few examples of what you can expect with the new mobile app experience.


Home Screen


Log Time Screen


 Task View

Task Checklist Screen


Projects List

 Tickets List

Search View

How To Access the Mobile App Beta

Interested in trying out the new mobile experience? Access the mobile app beta for testing using the following instructions based on your operating system.


  1. Install the TestFlight App from the App Store
  2. Once installed, you can Skip entering the Redeem code.
  3. Click this public link to the Open Beta to install the Accelo mobile app beta to your iOS device


  1. Join the Accelo Android Beta Testing Group with the same Google account you use on your Android device.
  2. Enroll to be a tester on the Google Play Store Testing Program on your Android device.
  3. From there you will be given a link to the app on your device.

How To Provide Feedback on the Mobile App Beta

To collect feedback from beta testers, we’ve created a feedback form that will be available to those who test the new mobile app beta. This feedback will be a tremendous help to our team as we continue to work on improving the mobile experience for all Accelo users. 

Users can access the link through the feedback icon found on the Home screen and on the Feedback panel found on the More tab.


Home Screen

More Tab

In the survey form, users will be able to:

  • Report bugs
  • Share opportunities for improvement
  • Provide thoughts on existing features
  • Make suggestions for the roadmap

What’s Next for Accelo’s Mobile App

We are excited about the functionality now available in beta, but we are not done yet. As we iterate on the feedback we receive from our beta testers, we continue to build features and functionality to solve the key jobs of our mobile users.

We are targeting the following features for the next release: 

  • Create Expense (and accompanying attachments)
  • View Contact
  • View Expense
  • View Stream

Be on the lookout for more exciting product news and announcements in the Accelo Community. Visit the Community to ask questions, talk with product experts, engage with other users and hear the latest news from Accelo.

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