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A Streamlined Approach to Doing Business

Feb 26 2018 read

For many service business and teams, the client journey from prospect through to payment can be a painful one. Why? because it requires a lot of busy work, data collection, and just the right amount of nurturing. 

But with new cloud technology, this doesn't need to be the case. The right client work management platform will automate the redundant tasks that deprive you of valuable time with your clients so that you can focus on the work you love: the work that generates revenue! 

Here are the 5 key features within Accelo's client work management platform that'll help you streamline your operations and achieve your business goals:


By including companies and contacts in every part of your daily workflows, a client work management platform puts your clients at the heart of the entire business. Unlike traditional CRMs, Accelo's dashboards include a Client Portal; a 24/7 self-service hub that clients can access to submit tickets or service requests. They can even track issues or projects in real-time, and share documents or contracts without having to sign in to their email account! This allows for easy collaboration and transparency, without any busywork.


From the same portal, you can easily send and store your quotes, and get email notifications every time a client interacts with them - be it comments, feedback or approvals - to ensure a streamlined quote-to-approval process.

If you’re someone who likes to change up the look and feel of your quotes, you can do that too! A client work management platform lets you easily roll up line items, hide certain details (like rates and hours), hide materials (like quantity and rates) and set your quote expiration date - giving you complete control over the design of your quotes.

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Just imagine if you could convert a quote into a project in one click? With Accelo, you can! It takes project management beyond simple planning and collaboration by managing your projects against budgets, schedules & resources, in real-time! That way, you don’t have worry about missing a deadline or burning out your team.

Accelo also understands that no two clients or projects are ever the same, so it intelligently predicts when a project is going off track and notifies you before any damage is done. With flexible drag-and-drop Gantt Charts, scheduling becomes a breeze, and on those days when you no longer have time to complete the tasks under your name, simply re-assign them to someone on your team who does. That way, your projects stay on track and your resources remain utilized.


Your team can easily report the time they spend working on various projects, and managers can easily track time and budgets. By integrating billing directly with job tracking, you can make sure you get paid for the work your business actually does. 

The best part? Logged time is always directly linked to a project so that you can invoice directly from the same dashboard you're working out of.


When those happy clients come back for more, you can automatically renew their contract to avoid rehashing old information. You can even reuse saved project templates on the same client to ensure you deliver great consistent service every time.

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