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Accelo Helps Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic with Free Expert Services

May 21 2020 read

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has been a disruptful and trying time for many people and businesses across the globe. At Accelo, through working with our customers in over 40 countries, we learned first hand that businesses have had difficulty adjusting to the new status quo. That’s why we did our best to lend a hand during this time of need.

To help our customers weather the storm caused by COVID-19, we recently ran an initiative to give away 10 free Expert Services engagements. Expert Services is a program offering custom consulting engagements to help our customers unlock the full potential of the Accelo platform. Our in-house consultants work with our customers to tackle business challenges, achieve business goals, and optimize business processes so they can stop wasting time on manual work that can be automated and get back to doing more of the work they love.

When we launched the program, we were instantly overwhelmed by the amount of interest we received! And while we, unfortunately, aren’t able to provide a free Expert Services engagement to everyone that submitted their interest, we did select ten winners that we’re excited to work with! The projects selected for the program represent our diverse customer base with a wide variety of business challenges and we’re excited to help them succeed in their goals. 

"We are really valuing the session and became stuck as a business with fixed deadlines, to the point it was preventing us from operating efficiently and was making the move to remote working really difficult. We are super impressed with the info and value we have gotten from the session so far!"      

-Tom Barrett, Digital 22 

If you are a customer that submitted a project that was not selected...fear not! In appreciation of all of our customers during this time, we’ve created a program to allow you to get your projects done at a discount to the standard Expert Services rates. If you are interested in a discounted Expert Services engagement, simply contact us at [email protected].

We're so happy to be able to help our customers with this special Expert Services program and know our expert consultants have much to offer businesses during this difficult time. Stay tuned to hear more about the benefits these customers have realized from their Expert Services engagement and how it helped their business thrive!

Interested in learning more about Accelo’s Expert Services program? Simply send an email to [email protected] and an Accelo consultant will reach out to discuss your needs!


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