Accelo Product Roadmap for 2013

By Geoff McQueen
Feb 6 2013 read

From time to time, we have our users asking - what’s coming around the corner with Accelo? Previously we’ve kept these plans close to our chest, not so much to try and be secret, but to ensure we can be as flexible and agile as possible to respond to the real world demands of our users. But we've had a change of heart.

Why publish a roadmap?

As our user base has grown so dramatically and people have become even more dependent than ever on the product for their business success, uncertainty about the future has become a concern. Sure, publishing a roadmap might give competitors a heads up, and the accountability might also mean a bit less flexibility and agility, but we’ve decided that the interests of our users are best served by giving them clarity and confidence in the future.

So, today we’re publishing our product roadmap for the first half of 2013, a process we’re planning to repeat at the start of each quarter going forward.

Is this going to affect how responsive the team is?

One of the things our users tell us most frequently is that they love how responsive our team is. We ship code to production every day of the week at least once, and have twice weekly new feature releases. That makes us a lot more responsive and agile than competitors - whether it be to bugs or suggestions or other improvements - and it is something we are proud of and that we’re not going to change.

So, this product roadmap is a summary of the “Big Rocks” - we’re making sure we still have time and resources to tackle the little things that come up so we can continue to be responsive and fast moving.

What is going to happen from here?

As we tackle each of these big rocks, we're going to be asking you for suggestions and input. As we get each big rock ready to ship we’ll be communicating through our Accelo User’s Group on LinkedIn and of course we’ll be publishing updates to our blog as new features and improvements roll out - keep an eye on the yellow notification bar in Accelo for updates too!

If you’ve got an idea for an improvement that we haven’t flagged here, we’d love to hear about it. We might already have it in our list of smaller rocks or perhaps it is something we haven’t thought of. Either way, the best way to put forward suggestions - and vote on the suggestions of others - is via our ideas forum.

Roadmap Details & Timing

The first thing to say is that there's a lot here. We've recently grown our engineering team significantly and with a range of other efficiency and technology improvements over the last 6 months coming together, we're seeing a real explosion in productivity and output. If you only have a bit of time, feel free to just skim this list and check back later when you're thinking "wouldn't it be great if..." to see more.

Q1 2013

The following are the priorities we're working on delivering before the 1st of April 2013.

Q2 2013

The following are the priorities we'll be working on delivering before the end of June 2013.

Join the discussion

We'd love to know what you think about our roadmap for the next few months. What is most exciting? What are we missing?

To join the discussion, head over to our Accelo User's Group at LinkedIn and share your thoughts with lots of other Accelo users.

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