Accelo Reviews: The Products and Features Transforming Client Work

By Kit Lewis
Content Manager
May 23 2023 read

We’re always excited to share how Accelo is providing solutions to common client work challenges, but we know there’s nothing quite as meaningful as hearing how those solutions are helping your peers in the professional services industry.

To give you a better sense of what your own Accelo experience could look like, we’re sharing a collection of feedback from our current users, offering insights into our products, features and the industries we most commonly support.

All feedback shared here has been verified by G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace, and offers a unique look at the impact Accelo is making for users worldwide.

Accelo Products for Client Work Management

Accelo is an end-to-end client work management solution with products built to support the entire client journey. From the first interaction with a prospect to billing a client after successful project delivery, Accelo has the tools to help your team create efficient processes and create a centralized source of truth for your business.

Accelo products include:

Sales and Quotes

Accelo’s Sales product helps sales teams streamline their processes with sales opportunity management, pipeline tracking, quote templates, custom sale statuses and trigger automations to ensure you can keep up with active leads.

Accelo is a good solution for professional services companies requiring a platform to manage and control project and retainer costs and profitability. It is easy to create quotes, convert to projects and bill, along with recording time and associated costs.

- G2 User Review

Hear more about quoting with Accelo directly from our users.


Accelo’s Projects helps teams plan, manage, collaborate on and deliver client projects. With project templates, automated time tracking, custom workflows and project triggers, you gain full control over your projects and can accurately measure the progress and profitability of each project.

Our team loves the capabilities of Accelo in organizing large project processes not just for individuals, but across entire departments.

- G2 User Review

See how other professional services teams use Accelo to manage projects.


Accelo’s Tickets offers teams custom solutions for efficiently supporting client requests, including options to set billable rates for ticket types, create custom categories to manage requests and automatically triage and assign tickets with built-in automations.

As an IT professional supporting multiple businesses, efficiency and transparency among team members are key in ensuring that our clients receive quick and effective solutions to their problems. I particularly like the way that our team can easily swap tickets, track time and look at and work on tickets assigned to other team members, if necessary. This enables a very efficient decentralized workflow that lets us help each other more easily.

- Jonathan W. 

Learn how teams are efficiently managing tickets with Accelo.


Because Accelo’s Billing product is connected to the rest of the Accelo platform and the time data tracked across your client work, you can be confident that your invoices reflect the work your team is doing. The result: more accurate billing and better insight into your business’s profitability. Your team can also save time and improve processes with branded invoice templates, custom payment terms and seamless accounting software integrations.

Accelo offers an all-in-one solution for my creative agency. The ability to include different divisions and have different classifications of clients in one system saves us time, energy and money when it comes to project management and billing. The Quickbooks Online and Gmail sync are both huge pluses to the system's ability to work in line with our existing infrastructure.

- Michael B.

See how teams use Accelo to simplify billing with feedback directly from our users.


For teams that offer recurring work, Accelo’s Retainers product provides a unique solution for managing retainer agreements. Effortlessly manage client contracts with smart task scheduling for recurring tasks, allocate time and value from client projects, create custom statuses and workflows and track timelines and retainer budget usage — and automatically adapt as needed.  

Accelo's ability to track budget monthly on retainers, roll budget over to subsequent months and related retainer-based tracking features make it stand out for us amongst its competitors.

- David R.

See how recurring work can be easier with support from Accelo Retainers.


Gain access to critical business data with Accelo Reports. By connecting to each product in the Accelo platform, the Reports product helps you track and measure business performance and profitability across sales, projects, tickets and retainers. Measure team member performance, client profitability, planned vs. actual time and revenue analysis and forecasting with pre-built reports and dashboards so you can confidently make data-driven decisions.

Accelo's recent reporting options have allowed us to gather much more data, which has allowed us to configure KPIs. Additionally, it has helped us track hours in a very detailed manner, which will help us ensure all of our work is profitable.

- G2 User Review

Hear how other professional services teams are accessing important insights with Accelo Reports.

Accelo’s Top Features for Efficient Client Work

Accelo users love to talk about their favorite features on the platform. From visibility tools like the Activity Stream to the numerous options for automating client work, users are excited to share how the platform is transforming their processes to help them work smarter, not harder.

Accelo’s popular features include:

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream displays an entire communication history for every client account, creating a complete record of emails, activities and actions taken by your clients and your team. Users share that this is the ultimate visibility tool, even selecting it as their favorite Accelo feature.

Having the Stream to refer back to is SO AMAZING! That way, we don't have to remember what each client requested and we have a reliable system to keep track of all communication.

- G2 User Review

Read how other users stay aligned with their team using Accelo’s Activity Stream.


Automation is available across the Accelo platform, offering plentiful opportunities to reduce repetitive, manual tasks and free up more time to spend on billable client work. Time-consuming processes, like creating a new project based on an approved quote, can be done in just a few clicks — for example, Accelo’s quote-to-project conversion. Other popular features include bulk client billing, which auto-generates accurate client invoices into pre-made templates.

We have gained numerous benefits from using Accelo, including added time back in our day by using Accelo's automated processes and project management tools.

- Kelly W.

See how users are reducing administrative work and saving time with Accelo’s automation

Client Portal

A client portal can be a tremendous asset for creating solid client relationships based on communication and transparency. With Accelo’s client portal, clients can get real-time status updates, submit requests, accept quotes and access invoices — all in one centralized hub, branded for your business. 

Transparency among clients and business has been improved via using the client portal, as we both can track the billing history, projects and send files fast.

- Phillis K.

Learn how Accelo users keep clients informed with a customizable client portal.

Time Tracking

Profitability in client work is entirely dependent on your billable hours. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have a time-tracking solution that fully captures your employees’ time. Accelo’s powerful time tracking collects accurate records of time spent on projects, tickets, retainers and more to improve profitability and highlight opportunities to increase productivity for your team.

Accelo has helped our agency manage the capacity of our teams and assisted with resource management through reporting tools and team schedules. It has also enabled our team members to track time quickly and accurately in a variety of ways (daily or weekly) that suits different employees' preferences. This has enabled accurate individual utilization tracking, as well as keeping track of the scope of retainers and projects.

- Shannon B.

Read more about Accelo users claiming back their time with accurate time tracking

Accelo’s Impact on the Professional Services Industry

Accelo was built to meet the needs of client-based work, but the wide range of industries in the world of professional services means each business will have a unique way of using the platform to deliver that work. See how users from some service industries use Accelo to create efficient workflows, improve team collaboration and better serve their clients.

Some types of professional services businesses that use Accelo include:

Accounting Firms

Accelo users in the accounting industry are particularly happy with the platform’s attention to detail and the visibility it offers across all areas of the business. With easy methods for tracking time and seamless integrations with popular accounting software, Accelo’s consolidated client work solution is the perfect fit for accountants wanting to reduce errors, speed up client work delivery and improve profitability.

Accelo is an all-in-one solution to business! It helps to keep contacts, projects and accounting, from start to finish. You have the ability to see in charts what your progression is and where we can use some work bettering our system.

- Wendy S.

Learn how accountants use Accelo to streamline processes and stay organized.


In a fast-paced, agency environment, Accelo is there to help keep track of it all. From planning and delivering complex projects to tracking employee time to improve utilization and accurately bill for client work, Accelo is helping agencies consolidate their wide array of work into one centralized system.  

I've been able to get rid of multiple disconnected, disparate systems for a single, unified, cohesive client management platform. I now have complete visibility into all client operations, from prospecting to re-engaging existing customers, and nothing falls into the cracks due to the completeness of Accelo. I'm a huge fan!

- Shannon A. 

See how other agencies use Accelo to successfully deliver client work.


The consulting industry is constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of clients, but a platform like Accelo can create a steady source of truth. By connecting all aspects of the client journey into one tool, users get access to robust reporting that can help guide business decisions and provide data to help leaders quickly adapt the business to better meet industry demands.

Task and email management are built into the ecosystem with seamless time logging and billing. I haven't seen this offered anywhere else. Rather than just integrate with your email, you can work from within the program all the while recording your time and billing rate for each task automatically.

- Joshua K. 

Hear how consultants use Accelo to automate their work to better serve their clients.

Engineering and Architecture Firms

Like many others in the professional services industry, engineering and architecture firms rely on building strong client relationships and supporting those clients with excellent service. With a client work management platform like Accelo, they can rest assured that they’re providing their best work and giving clients the attention they need while improving efficiency and profitability. 

We spend more time serving our clients and far less time chasing down data from decentralized sources. Setting up and administering contracts is easy and the templates tie to our delivery schedules. It allows a level of detail in the inputting of time by our employees that lets us see where the time goes in our projects and empowers us to craft better and more accurate proposals.

- Alexander R. 

Read how engineers and architects use Accelo to keep up with client demands.

IT Businesses and MSPs

IT professionals love working with Accelo due to its powerful ticketing system and the ability to automate workflows to create more efficient systems for managing client requests. From simple time-tracking solutions to convenient integrations and an open API, IT businesses can make the most out of a customizable platform like Accelo.

Accelo streamlines my business period. I started as a one-man band and Accelo was perfect for what I needed it then and allows the ability to grow as your business grows. It helps with everything from emails, time tracking, to scheduling and invoicing. Super intuitive and helpful for IT businesses.

- Joseph F.

See how IT professionals use Accelo to efficiently manage client requests.

Interested in getting a first-hand look at what Accelo can do for your business? Start a trial to explore the platform or schedule a demo with a product expert to learn more about the client work solutions you can expect from the platform.


About the Author


Kit Lewis is a Content Manager at Accelo, where she manages content projects, social media and content reporting. With a decade of writing for industries ranging from education to tech, past experience supporting client work and a commitment to building efficient systems, she is passionate about creating valuable content to help professional services teams.

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