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By Joe DiPaulo
Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Product
May 29 2024 read

V4 Now Available to All Users!

Following the v4 Beta launch on May 9th, we are thrilled to announce the general availability release of Accelo v4, an exciting milestone that enhances the user experience and introduces new multi-assignee functionality!


For a refresher on what we launched as part of the v4 beta launch in May, see Accelo V4 Public Beta Release


At Accelo, our vision has always been to revolutionize how professional services businesses deliver value for their customers! With v4, we have maintained the power of our platform while also introducing a new user interface to simplify and enhance your experience.

As we reflect on this journey, we are extremely proud to share the delivery of:

  • A new & improved UI that makes Accelo an intuitive and visually impressive platform for our users

  • A modern technology stack that sets us up to respond to and prioritize new functionality more quickly

Thank you for being part of the Accelo community. Your feedback and support throughout our previous beta releases have been instrumental in helping us achieve this milestone. We appreciate the valuable insights you've shared and eagerly look forward to addressing additional feedback as we continue to enhance Accelo v4. Our goal is to assist you in achieving even better results for your clients.

Continue reading to learn about additional new functionality, how to opt in to use v4, provide feedback, and our future product priorities as we look into what’s coming next.

Multi-Assignee Functionality on Tasks

As part of our v4 general availability release, we’re also introducing the ability for users at certain subscription levels (that have opted in to v4) to assign multiple team members to Tasks, delivering on one of our most requested features in our Ideas portal. This enhancement empowers users of Accelo to streamline their Project Management efforts by eliminating the need to split tasks or other workarounds so that your team can be more efficient in collaborating and working with clients.

While much of our focus has been on rebuilding and reimagining key screens and the user experience in Accelo v4, we've remained committed to implementing powerful features requested by our community. Multi-Assignee functionality is the first of many enhancements to be integrated into Accelo v4!

 When users create Tasks in Accelo v4, they will have the ability to set a ‘Primary’ assignee as well as ‘Additional Assignees'. These assignees will be displayed across v4, wherever Accelo currently displays Tasks. These assignees will be editable across the panels and screens they are displayed in, enabling a seamless experience.

The first iteration of this feature is intended to introduce additional assignees without complicating Accelo’s Auto-scheduling or Task Budgeting tools; those aspects will continue to work based off the Primary Assignee. However, all assignees can find their tasks in the Task List, from the Project Overview and even in the New Task Board (beta).


How To Opt Into v4

Account-level Accelo v4 Accessibility

First, an admin user of your account must turn on v4 Accessibility. Then, users will have the option to individually opt-in to the new experience. Note that as we are finalizing the v4 GA experience, you may notice the “beta” label still used in several places.

The following toggle will become available on the General Settings page:

  1. Go to Settings (bottom left corner of Accelo)

  2. Select 'General Config'

  3. Select ‘Beta Features’

  4. Set 'v4 Beta' to Yes

  5. Select Save

To disable, an admin user may access this screen and toggle v4 Beta to ‘No’. When an admin user toggles v4 Beta off, v4 Beta will be disabled for all account users regardless of their user settings. A user's previous settings are remembered, so if an admin toggles v4 Beta back on, the user's previous setting will take effect again.

User-level v4 Beta Setting

When an account has v4 Beta Accessibility turned on, all users associated with the account will have the option of toggling v4 Beta on and off for themselves.

Users can do so from User Preferences:

  1. Hover over your account icon in the upper right corner of Accelo

  2. Select ‘User Preferences’

  3. Select ‘Labs Settings’

  4. Toggle ‘v4 Beta’ to On

  5. Select Save

How To Provide Feedback

In each of the new Accelo v4 view screens, you will see an in-app ‘Share Feedback’ button that allows you to provide your feedback and suggestions. There will be a short series of questions that you can answer in this survey.

You will also have the ability to create new ideas in the Ideas Forum, using the ‘Feedback’ button on the bottom left-hand menu of Accelo. When creating a new idea, please make sure to put your idea into the appropriate v4 ‘Feedback’ category.

What’s Coming Next?

As we look beyond v4, we are excited to explore new functionalities in Q3 that directly address user feedback and further enhance Accelo's capabilities in automating Professional Services engagements.

A new user experience for Retainers: One of our most utilized modules in Accelo, Retainers enable users to track and bill clients for ongoing services while gaining insights into resource capacity. After our v4 release, we will revamp the Retainers experience following the design standards we introduced in v4.

On going V4 Related Improvements: Our V4 core functionality will continue to evolve and get better in the coming months. You will see more micro releases that continue to improve our UX, add new design concepts and in general make the system better overall for our users.

Multi-Currency Functionality: Support for multiple currencies to accommodate our global users and simplify international transactions.

Third-Party Integrations: Expanding support for additional third-party integrations, including accounting and CRM tools, to enhance the flexibility and connectivity of Accelo with other systems.

Search Performance Improvements: We have been hard at working improving some of our core search functionality. The main thing users will notice is improved performance in search, but that will happen across many areas of the platform.

As we continue on this journey, Accelo is positioned to redefine the landscape of professional services automation. With our unwavering commitment to innovation and your invaluable partnership, we're not just setting new standards, we're surpassing them. Stay tuned as we bring these exciting developments to life, empowering your enterprise with the tools and capabilities to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Together, we're shaping the future of professional services automation, one milestone at a time. 

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