Accelo's New Gmail Add-on

Accelo's new Gmail Add-on in Beta

10-Sep 2018

Today we've launched into Beta a brand new way to use Accelo within Gmail, with the release of our Gmail Addon. Bringing the power of Accelo into Gmail, this first beta release of our Addon enables you to see whether the email you're looking at is already tracked in Accelo, as well as making it easy to see the broader thread and the work - be it client, sale, project, ticket, retainer or something else - the email thread is related to, all without leaving Gmail!

This will be welcome news for GSuite users, particularly those who prefer the new Gmail layout (or who've been transitioned to it by force) where our classic Gmail Gadget wasn't available.

This beta release will be enhanced on an ongoing basis to provide even more features and functionality over the coming weeks and months.

full shot

What does the current beta version do?

The add-on loads on the right-hand-side of Gmail when you're viewing an email conversation, to reveal a little context from Accelo about the client/contacts in the conversation. Besides the Accelo user which you are connected to, first and foremost we'll display the company related to the conversation and their status. You can click on the arrow to quickly view more detail about this client in Accelo.

milestone addonUnderneath the client/company you'll see additional context about the conversation - such as whether it has been linked to a specific item of work for that company - such as a project, ticket, sale or retainer. If it hasn't been relocated just yet then we'll just show the client contact and their status.

In the Activities card further down you'll see a preview of the conversation thread which Accelo has recorded, starting with the oldest emails/activities. You can easily expand this by clicking the chevron (arrow) to view the latest replies. Pro-tip: If you don't see the "Email to You" text this means you weren't included on that specific activity - even though you were at some stage in the thread.

You can also click through on activity to view more details, such as the recipients, the privacy setting and the full reply/body.

If we can't find the email thread in Accelo, you'll see something like the below - but rest assured that we're working on additional logic such as suggesting you add a new contact to an existing company if the email domain is one Accelo recognizes.

no trhead

How do I get it?

You can securely install the app from the GSuite Marketplace. If you're a domain administrator you can even authorize the installation for all users across your domain.

Once you've authorized/confirmed the installation, open any email within Gmail and look for the Accelo icon in the Gmail sidebar - note that it will be gray initially - which you can select to open a panel allowing you to enter your Accelo domain to connect to. 

enter deployClicking Next will open an authorization window to confirm your Accelo user account. Once completed the sidebar will update and begin to show context from with Accelo regarding the email conversation you are working with in Gmail! 

Coming Soon!

Lots more... like creating companies & contacts on the fly from Gmail, adding tasks into Accelo, relocating emails to client projects or tickets, and more. We'll be releasing some of the updates very very soon!

Note: This add-on replaces the recently deprecated Gmail Gadget, as Google have just discontinued support for Gmail Contextual Gadgets.

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