Accelo’s Redesigned Navigation

Accelo’s Redesigned Navigation: Recent Updates & Release Plan

4-Sep 2020

We’re excited to announce that our newly designed Navigation is ready to be released out of Beta! Our Product, Engineering and Design teams at Accelo want to thank everyone for their involvement in making our Navigation the best possible system for our users. 

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and have implemented many enhancements since the beginning of July that were directly related to many points of constructive criticism from those of you who have been trialling it. This new tiered approach to navigation inside of Accelo paves the way for a more intuitive journey to access, find and organize important objects, screens and work for each user.  

Below you will find details on all of the changes we have made to the Redesigned Navigation since July as well as important dates that our users will need to keep in mind for the full release of the redesigned Navigation.

Enhancements to the redesigned Navigation since July 1, 2020

Global Search 

  • Displays up to 50, instead of 10 results.
  • Recently Viewed items are displayed before you run a search on a specific type of work (e.g. Ticket).
  • Keyboard shortcuts 
    • Added back the slash “/” shortcut for starting search, and use of arrow keys ↑↓ for selecting a result.
    • Pressing enter when using the Module Tag and/or entering in a keyword string will always send you to a filtered version of the relevant List screen, instead of a full results page, which wasn’t preferred as much as we thought it would be.
  • All Breadcrumbs on the search results are clickable again.

Top Navigation Menu

  • One-click behavior of the Top Navigation is re-implemented AND we added the ability for every user to customize which screen they are taken to upon click. We also reimplemented the Stream in the Top Navigation as an optional setting for each user. You can find this customization in your User Preferences.

Expanded Left-hand Navigation Menus

  • Users reported that when they clicked on a hyperlinked List Title in their Expanded Left-hand side Menus, the values in the List’s filter options were not being applied correctly - we’ve fixed that.
  • If you’ve turned on “Show ID with title” for your Tickets (or Projects, etc.) these IDs are now appearing in the Recently Viewed and Favorites columns.
  • We heard that user-created Lists were more important to our Users than the Default Lists created by Accelo, so we changed the first two Columns in the Expanded Left-hand Side Menus accordingly. Now the first column will start with any user-created Public (Shared) Lists, and only show Default Lists if there’s still space. And your personal Lists are more accessible in their own My Lists Column in this Expanded Menu.
  • Per the previous point, with our built-in Default Lists taking a backseat in favor of your team’s Shared Lists, we still wanted to give you a simple way to “See all companies” (for example) so we’ve reintroduced a button for this in the top right corner of the expanded menu.
  • We’ve enhanced the Recently Viewed storage so that we now can display more than 5 Recently Viewed Objects in our Expanded Menus. 

Again, keep an eye out for additional improvements to our new Navigation. We still have some plans that are dependent on other Projects being released in the future.

Full Release Plan for the Redesigned Navigation

Communications: September 7 - September 27, 2020

Once a week, in-app reminders will be sent to users who do not have the new Navigation turned on informing them that on September 27, 2020 the new Navigation will be turned ON in their accounts.

Important Date: September 27, 2020

Date on which our new Navigation will be turned ON for users who have yet to do so. At this time, these users will still have the option to disable the new Navigation at their leisure until November 2, 2020.

Communications: October 12 - 26, 2020

Once a week, in-app reminders will be sent to all users informing them that as of November 2, 2020 they will no longer have the option to disable the new Navigation. 

Important Date: November 2, 2020

Date on which our new Navigation will be implemented as the only Navigation available to our users. This means that if a user had the current Navigation enabled in their account on November 1, 2020, their account will be utilizing the new Navigation when they log into their account on November 2. There will no longer be an option to disable the new Navigation.  

If you have questions about this Release plan, please contact your trusted Accelo partner directly or contact


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