Accept Credit Card Payments From Your Clients with Accelo and Stripe

By Sarah Khogyani
Jun 28 2013 read

Who wouldn't want to make it easier to get paid? With checks going the way of the dodo, we're excited to announce that we've just made it possible for your clients to pay you via credit card, directly through Accelo if you get an account with Stripe.

From their bank account to yours - no merchant accounts necessary

Accelo's ability to easily create invoices from your projects, retainers and issues is one of its most popular features, but when it comes to getting paid you've had to make your own arrangements; checks in the mail, wire transfers or other manual options were your only alternatives.

Well, not anymore - now, you can get paid directly through Accelo. We're able to offer this feature - with all the security and protections that it requires - thanks to our new integration with Stripe, a great online payment services company based in San Francisco.

Once you've got your free Stripe account, you can simply enter your API keys into the Accounts Settings page in Accelo and you'll instantly be able to accept credit card payments without the need for a merchant account or gateway.

Clients pay directly from their invoice

When you connect Accelo to Stripe, every invoice and statement you email to your clients will automatically get a link to pay via credit card. Accelo supports Mastercard, Visa and American Express, and the only fees you pay are the Stripe fees. In addition to including the link to pay in every invoice, you'll also be able to click through to the special, secure payment screen from the "Payment" button on the View Invoice screen; so you can then share the link with your clients directly.

Get started with a Stripe account

In order to start accepting credit card payments from your clients, you’ll need to set up a Stripe account. It’s free for all businesses with a US or Canadian bank account; we've also heard that they're happy to work with international businesses, but you'll need to have a US bank account, address and an EIN.

Stripe's fees are some of the most straight forward in the industry; they will take a 2.9%+30c per transaction, regardless of the credit card type or source. They don't have any set up fees, monthly fees, card storage feeds or other hidden costs. You don't need to provide them with your financials or beg them to get set up; if you’ve gone through the unpleasant experience of setting up a merchant account with a traditional bank, the process couldn't be more different.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up payments in Accelo, read our help site for more details.

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