Access problems on Mar 11/12

By Geoff
Mar 12 2011 read

A number of clients may have experienced difficulties accessing their Accelo deployments through from around midday GMT through to around 8pm GMT on March 11th.

While all Accelo servers remained operational and problem free, the external provider we use to provide our DNS services - the service that takes the web address you type into your browser, for example, and tells your system which server address to connect to - suffered an outage. The consequence of this was that some clients weren't able to resolve the IP address for their Accelo deployment, which then meant you couldn't access your deployment even though the Accelo servers remained online and operational the entire time.

To address this issue, we've arranged to add additional DNS services and in coming days will further diversify our DNS infrastructure to eliminate the possibility of this issue occuring again. Our sincere apologies to any clients negatively impacted by this situation.

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