Accountants: This Tool Will Keep You Out of Trouble

5-Mar 2016

You're running a busy accounting practice, so you know how important streamlined processes are. You’re probably also aware that email doesn’t usually fit into them that seamlessly (which can get you into trouble). On that note, here’s why you should look for a smart technology that’ll have your back when it comes to client communications, email, and workflows.

You won’t be left in the dark with client communications

Traditional email causes more hiccups than it should when it comes to client communications. Email interaction often happens between one team member and a client while the rest of the team is left in the dark. This makes it really hard for everyone to know if client issues were addressed, or if they were even contacted at all. For your accounting practice, you might want to look into some fully integrated and synchronized communication platforms that can streamline this rickety process for you.

Everyone at work will be on the same playing level

Being on a team means everyone is on the same page, but it’s hard to ensure that at work when not everyone is kept in the loop with access to all the daily activities and client emails. Having a successful accounting practice means making sure everyone there is playing for the same team—but they can’t play well if they’re not informed on where to stand in the field. Make sure you’re equipping your team with a tool that can give them the visibility (and agility) they need to score and get more done, faster.

You and your team will have the visibility you need

You need visibility into what’s happening with your clients and communications, but you also don’t want everyone’s inbox to be completely thrown open for all to see. On the flip side, if you had a smart technology that could automatically tell which emails were important for the entire team and which should remain private, you would never have to worry about forwarding or cc’ing colleagues again. Everyone would be looped in on only what was pertinent to them—automatically.

If you’re thinking this sounds awesome, that’s because it is. You should really do some research into the smart platforms that exist that can streamline your client communications, email, and workflow so that you can get back to the work you love (and stay out of trouble). Or, feel free to scope out Accelo to see if it might be the right fit for you.


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