Admin Settings Has a Whole New Look

By Sarah Khogyani
May 8 2013 read

Over the last year or so we've been introducing a steady stream of improvements - things like new features, upgrades to existing feature or unlocking more options for configuration and customization.

Unfortunately, as we've been making Accelo better, we've been making the admin experience gradually worse - new stuff often means more options for configuration, and we realized a little while ago that the interfaces for configuring and setting up Accelo needed an improvement themselves!

That’s why today we're excited to let you know that we've just upgraded the Admin Settings section of your Accelo account. From module configuration, project templates, data imports, sales and rates, administrators can now set up Accelo more quickly and easily than ever before.

Here's an overview of the highlights of this upgrade.

New navigation to find your way around, fast 

With all of the features embedded in Admin Settings, we knew the most important thing was to make it easy - and fast - to get to the screen you need to make the change you want. Now we have a persistent left hand side navigation, where you'll see a list of all the section headings and sub-sections - all just a click or two away from anywhere in the admin area. 

Simpler, clearer screens to change what you want easily 

In the old Admin page, we often jammed things together that didn't quite make sense - we're not proud of it, but often when a new feature is released you don't realize how many options it is going to need in the future, and like a weed things tended to grow and get very messy.

The result of this was screens - the worst of which being our old "general settings" screen - which jumbled together lots of options, making things hard to find, and when you did find them, confusing to use. While there are now more screens, each one is focused and easier to work with, often with just a handful of focused, related fields - they've been designed to flow seamlessly with the way you configure Accelo.

Highlighting powerful tools you want to tweak

In the old Admin section, some of the most powerful features - like adding custom fields, or changing the business rules/progressions for modules - were hidden away. With this upgrade, we've made the things you'll likely want to do - like create custom fields on a sale or a client record - a lot more obvious, easy to find and of course easy to use.

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