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Advance your Project Management IQ with Accelo + BrightGauge

12-Jan 2018

The BrightGauge team is thrilled to announce their latest integration with Accelo!

Through the power of BrightGauge and Accelo combined, gain clear insight into where you’re succeeding, and lacking, with your leads and project management collaboration.

Business Intelligence Brilliance

BrightGauge pulls in all of your Accelo business intelligence, providing that extra layer of transparency through simple, yet powerful reporting and data visualization.

Dashboards are the key to tracking your team’s work and performance. Keep sales, billing and projects in check with five default dashboards. We've also included default gauges and report templates built for Accelo. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, work with our Support team to build out the right KPIs for your BrightGauge.

From your Accelo workflow, BrightGauge displays your metrics in real-time, syncing every 10 minutes when active, or every night at midnight. Ensure that all budgets and tasks stay on track, keeping your team in sync as they juggle multiple clients.


BG 1


In the Details

Click each metric to access the Drilldown list detailing the data displayed in that gauge. Click on any line item to navigate back to your Accelo account to see further details and log changes.


BG 2


Your Report Power

Empower your team with the need-to-know details. With Reports, provide a top-level view of the status of your sales, tasks, and projects.


BG 3


Creating a report is simple. Convert a dashboard to a report via the “More” button on that page. Or, hit the "+" in the navigation bar to create a Report from scratch. Of course, there’s always report templates out of the box! Either way, there will be a sidebar of available gauges for you to drag-and-drop and modify as you please.

Make informed, data-driven decisions with your whole team on the same page. Work smarter and get more done with BrightGauge and Accelo.

For a more in-depth review of how to use Accelo with BrightGauge, check out our support forum


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