Accelo Gmail Gadget Now Live

10-Oct 2013

Today our engineering team updated our Google Apps Marketplace listing to set live our Gmail Gadget for all Google Apps connected Accelo users. We first launched this product into beta almost two months ago, and after some great feedback and testing by our users we're now releasing it for everyone else.

I've just been asked to reauthorize access to my Google Account - why?

The reason for this is that enabling the Gmail Gadget means we have to ask for a different (and new) type of permission on your account. Because we've made a change to the permissions we're requesting, Google then asks you to confirm you're happy with this change by reauthorize Accelo's access to your Google account.

The process is really simple:

  • Make sure you're an Administrator on your Google Apps domain. You have to be a domain admin, and not just a regular user, to re-approve the Accelo application. 
  • When you're in Accelo, you'll see a red bar appear across the top. Click "Reconnect" to the right page in Google Apps to re-approve access.

One last comment on the approval options: the eagle-eyed among you might have noticed the inclusion of Google Drive permissions. This is because we've started our work on Drive integration, and while it isn't appearing in the next month or so, this process of asking administrators to approve every change in our manifest is painful for you and for us, so we thought we'd save you from having to do it again soon.

You may need to restart your browser once you've completed this process for Gmail to load up your Gadget, or alternatively, you can add the paramater nogadgetcache=1 to your Gmail query string before the #inbox part in the address bar.

I have two gadgets appearing now in Gmail - how to I remove the duplicate one?

This happens for any users who'd installed the Gmail Gadget manually during our beta period. The process for removing the duplicate Gadget application is as follows: 

  • Log into your Google Apps Control panel. In the bottom right you should see "Your marketplace apps". 

  • In this list you should see an entry for "Accelo" and another entry for "Accelo Gmail Gadget". This second one is the "beta" release that you need to remove.
  • Click on "Settings" next to the Gmail Gadget one, and on the next screen click the link next to "Delete Application" at the very bottom of the screen.

You may need to restart your browser after this change has occured to make sure Google has picked up these changes.

I use Google Apps and Accelo but I don't see the gadget - why not?

The Gmail Gadget requires Accelo to be added to Google Apps via the Google Apps Marketplace. The good news is that you can link your existing Accelo account to Google Apps quickly and easily this way too. 

  • Follow the steps in the wizard and you'll eventually end up on a page at
  • Invite your colleagues (who are in Google Apps but not your Accelo account), and you're done.

Next time you log into Gmail, you'll see the Accelo Gmail Gadget appear automatically.

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