Accelo in the GoogleIO Sandbox 2011

1-May 2011

GoogleIO SandboxWe're pretty excited to be San Francisco bound later this week, travelling as a guest to Google's peak annual event, GoogleIO. As a regular attendee last year, I got to appreciate just how awesome this annual event is; turns out I wasn't alone - this year, GoogleIO sold out all of their tickets in under an hour. That is over 5000 tickets in less than 60 minutes.

This year, rather than just showing up as a spectator, Google has invited us to exhibit Accelo in their Sandbox area. While it looks like a cute name for a playpen, the Sandbox is Google's premier showcase of partner technologies and products; since last year's event when I met Sandbox exhibitors from TripIt, Qik, Manymoon and a bunch of other companies, there's been a lot of success, with funding, acqusitions and amazing business success.

So, to put it simply, we're exceptionally honoured to be attending the Sandbox this year to show our Accelo product, which is still in beta, to a much wider audience.

If you're heading to GoogleIO, make sure you come over and say hi. You can reach me on my cell on 650.450.4384 from Thursday (5th) afternoon Pacific time, and if you're heading to SF early and want to catch up with myself and Glenn before the event, don't hesitate to get in touch either.

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