Accelo launches integration with Adobe

28-Mar 2012

Accelo is a powerful platform to manage a service business, and with its ability to manage all of the work you do for clients from prospect right through to payment, it has applications across all sorts of industries.

While we boast clients across a whole range of industries - including consultants, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, designers, IT services and more - the history of Accelo as a platform to manage a web development firm means we've got a lot of clients in that sector too.

One of the most well regarded and popular web development platforms is the Business Catalyst platform, part of the Adobe family. Business Catalyst makes it easy for web developers and designers to quickly and easily create websites for their clients which are both easy to use and tightly integrated. The Business Catalyst - or BC for short - platform allows companies to have a functioning e-commerce website with features like customer databases, inventory, checkout, e-marketing and more, all in one place.

While the BC platform's integration for clients is impressive, the Partners who sell, implement and support BC websites are often left flat-footed. The need of a web firm to manage clients, sales, projects, support, retainers and invoicing is real, but they're often left relying on spreadsheets and other manual tools to keep their business running.

This is where Accelo comes in.

With the new Adobe Business Catalyst integration, BC Partners can now connect their BC partner portal with Accelo. With this integration, BC Partners can use BC to create and coordinate BC websites, and know that Accelo has all of their key client and site information synchronized automatically. 

There are many benefits available to BC partners from this integration. Now, whenever a client sends through a support request or issue, you can link it back to their BC website and see which clients are costing you the most support time - and how much. If you've been doing support for free because it is too hard to track, Accelo makes it easy with its automatic email capture - now, whenever your client asks for help, or your staff are answering questions, the work is automatically captured, making it easy for timesheets to be updated and invoices to be billed.

Finally, the BC and Accelo integration makes it easy for you to upsell ongoing service agreements or retainers for your clients, once again, all tied to their BC website. If you're a BC partner, sign up for a trial of Accelo today.

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