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Agency Automation 2018: Boston Recap

7-Sep 2018

We’re almost at the end of our time at INBOUND Boston 2018 and have received a number of requests for a recap of Monday’s workshop put on by Accelo and 3 Media Web, Agency Automation 2018: Boston.

Hosting an event with another agency was a great way to start off the week.

To recap, Geoff McQueen, Accelo’s CEO, spoke on agency best practices, followed by Lysa Miller, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development at 3 Media Web. Lysa touched on how Accelo has impacted his business by increasing productivity, profitability, and transparency.

AgencyAutomation 3

AgencyAutomation 5

3 Media Web is an early adopter of Accelo. Their real-life results using Service Operations Automation (ServOps) made them the perfect partner for this event as we spread the word on ServOps and automation to other businesses and agencies. Retainers have increased their sales and ability to upsell, while projects provide visibility into where they're profitable. The increased visibility and profitability has made a huge impact as it's easier to Q&A projects, track budgets and hours, collaborate, and deliver on each task promptly. 

If you missed the event and still want to try out ServOps you can sign up for a free trial here

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