All-new Android Wear and Apple watchOS2 Timer Apps now live!

9-Dec 2015

We’re excited to announce the new addition of the Accelo Timer Apps for Android Wear and Apple watchOS 2 to our mobile family! Accelo users can now update to the latest version of the mobile app from the app store, pair the watch to your mobile device, and immediately start using timers to track your work.

Users now have the ability create timers, switch between timers, and even modify timers on their watches to keep up with busy project work. While the lack of a keyboard makes data entry impractical on the watch, the fact you've always got it on you and can easily start and stop timers makes it ideal for quickly kicking off a timer or restarting some work you're part way through - and because it sync's with your mobile app and the web app, giving your timers a name and saving the hours logged is quick and easy too!

To start a new timer (or restart one you've already created in the mobile or web app), open the app on your watch by tapping on the Accelo icon:

  • Tap on the Plus icon to create a timer.
  • Tap on the List icon to view a list of up to 10 timers.
  • Tap on the timer to modify or delete a timer.

Screen Shot 2015 12 08 at 10.49.31 AM

Our team has also been working hard on the Apple watchOS2 upgrade.

Updates on the watchOS2 include:

  • Improved performance
  • Sleek visual enhancements
  • Editing timers functionality

 Screen Shot 2015 12 08 at 10.52.39 AM

We're always trying to make your work easier so that you can get back to the things you love. Let us know what else you'd like to see with the Timers App at emailing  

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