Operating On Autopilot

A Guide for Automation in Accounting

23-May 2018

As an accountant working in an automated world, you’ve probably realized that bookkeeping can be replaced by smart technology. A client work management platform like Accelo can streamline your workflows and eliminate hours of busy work - saving you from the painstaking task of manually entering data into spreadsheets.

Here's a simple guide to automating your accounting firm with ease, because it's about time you start doing the work you love while technology handles the rest! 

  1. Unify Your Practice
  2. Control Your Workflows
  3. Maximize Billable Time
  4. Streamline Your Finances

1. Unify Your Practice

Integrate your staff, accounts, and billing into one central platform so that everyone always has real-time access to client information. This gives your team the ability to view the same data (in real-time), no matter whether they’re working remotely or in the same room, so that you can make decisions faster and keep client work on track.

Knowing what’s on everyone’s plate at any given time will also let you assign client work more efficiently and avoid feeling burned out.

2. Control Your Workflows

Manage projects as they progress in real-time with intelligent budget tracking and automated notifications that alert you when client work is going off track. Automate admin tasks and simplify reporting with a smart platform that handles all of that dreaded ‘busywork’ for you. This way, you'll get back the time you need to spend with existing clients and attract new business - because after all, that’s what your firm needs to be more successful.

3. Maximize Billable Time

Track everything that goes on in your business - including emails, meetings, and calls - to ensure no minute ever goes unaccounted for. Why? Because not tracking the time you spend on client work could be costing you as much as $50,000 in leaked revenue every year.

Cloud-based accounting software like Accelo also gives you access to your finances from any smart device connected to the internet. This means you can view a client's profile or respond to a message no matter where you are (and log every second spent there)!

4. Streamline Your Finances

Connect your time tracking and billing so that invoicing becomes a breeze - not only for you but for your clients as well. Save extra time by customizing old or existing invoices, and give your clients the option to make full or partial payments. What's even better than this? The right smart platform will automatically notify you and your clients when an invoice is overdue so you never miss another important deadline.

With a smart automation platform, you can confidently put your business on autopilot and get back to doing the work you love. Click here to get started today!

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