Android App now in beta

4-Jun 2014

Are you one of our (many) users proud of your Android device and looking on with a frown when we launched our iPhone app a month and a bit ago? Well, be jealous no more - you can now join our open Android Beta, and be playing with Accelo from our brand new Android app in no time!

You may recall that we had planned on running a parallel beta process, but Apple went and pulled the rug out from under us by disabling the TestFlight platform we were using to run the beta for Android devices. After regrouping and a lot of work by our engineering team, we now have the Android app available for anyone who wants to beta-test it.

Getting into the Beta

The instructions on how to get the Accelo beta app from the Google Play store are outlined below:

Firstly, join our beta community on Google PlusPlease ensure when joining the group that you're signed into a Google account that is also used with your mobile device.

Once joined, follow the link to Download Application from the right-hand-side

Screen shot 2014 06 04 at 2.39.48 PM


Click Become a tester

Screen shot 2014 06 04 at 2.45.44 PM


The screen will refresh indicating you are now a tester. Click download it from the Play Store

You are now viewing the Accelo app in the Google Play store. Click Install - don't worry it won't download anything to your computer.



Select your preferred mobile device and then click Install

Screen shot 2014 06 04 at 2.25.49 PM


Please ensure your mobile device is switched on and has an active internet connection, as very shortly Accelo will automatically be downloaded and installed via Google Play services on your mobile.  

Tell us what you think! We've set up a special Google Group to make it easy for you to share your insights. Just head on over to the Accelo Android Beta group and post your comments!

What we've got today

Once you've connected the app to your Accelo account, you will be looking at the home screen. There's obviously still a lot of space here for more features, but there's still some cool things you can do right away:

Search for clients and contacts, view their details and easily email, call or message them through your phone.



View tasks assigned this week or month, including filtering by manager, status and time remaining



Log time/notes related to your tasks using the Create Activity feature.

create activity


What's coming soon

Timers for quickly starting and stopping the tracking of time for tasks - or even work not yet identified.

Better Taskboards so you can see tasks not just when they're due, but when they start, as well as identifying overdue tasks with ease.

Hooks into the features of the phone - like turning a phone call into an activity easily recorded in Accelo.

And we're hiring!

To accelerate our mobile app development (among other things) we're also hiring - a lot. With plans to double the team in the coming months, we've got a number of positions open - if you're interested (or know someone who would be), tell them to email

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