Attack of the clones!

By Hugh
Sep 17 2012 read

Well, less of an attack and more a sigh of relief for Accelo users who are involved in setup or ongoing configuration. They might say: "Sweet! I don't have to configure project/sale/issue types from scratch anymore.. I can just clone that first one I built and refine things from there!"

This ability to clone object types within the configuration screens is available for the sales, projects, issues, contracts and contributor modules.

As someone who handles a lot of the support emails/calls about Accelo, I'm grateful for this since now when someone asks "I've just spent an hour configuring a project type with custom fields, status progressions and actions within those progressions. Can I create another project type using my first one as a starting point?" - I can say "Absolutely!"

How to clone a type

1. It's as easy as opening Projects > Config and selecting "Add New"...


2. And then selecting which existing type you want to clone from. You can clone status progressions from one type (including the progression actions!) and custom fields from a different type if necessary!

3. Once you click "Save", your new project (or issue, or sale, etc.) type will be created and all the progressions and fields will be cloned automatically.


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