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By Sarah Khogyani
Jun 4 2013 read

Ask any digital agency,and they’ll say that delivering awe-inspiring projects is only half the job. From leads to interested parties, staying on top of communications is critical in winning clients and keeping them happy.

Based in Sydney and specializing in digital strategy, web development and online marketing, Ziller Digital Agency love what they do. With all the creative effort they put into their work, it’s not a surprise that the quality of their projects do the talking.

However, staying on top of sales can get messy. Critical information from clients is often scattered amongst individual inboxes, email chains and various spreadsheets. Knowing what’s going on with client accounts comes in the form of surprise rather than expectation.

“Everything was everywhere,” explains Trent Allan, the founder of Ziller. At a certain point, it became imperative that they find a smart way to organize their sales process, communications and client accounts. 

Building structure - a defined and automated sales process

The first step in resolving their dispersed sales process was organizing all of their contacts in one succinct place. After implementing Accelo, the team at Ziller began by categorizing sales, leads and clients by status.

“We use all the features of a sale to understand what’s hot and important and what’s not. The star rating, dollar value and stage of the project helps keep the important sales at the top and the unimportant ones at the bottom.

After which, assigning staff and resources was a breeze; account managers had a place to document their efforts. They also leveraged Accelo’s shared database to allow everyone on their team a window into the progress of leads and client accounts.

The Outcomes -- visibility & utilization

Trent explains the benefits of having defined and automated their sales process. “We are more on top of sales than ever before, because we use it everyday the sales pipeline is right in our face and its hard to forget leads or sales we are working on. Its improved efficiency with tasks and just clarity and visibility around what’s happening in our company.”

Visibility into performance and tasks 

With all communication defined in one place, keeping track of the sales pipeline became easy. “Just to have everything on the one place for starters is seriously beneficial. We love the way it collects all emails to to and from clients, how easy it is to track time, and the visibility it gives you over your whole operation.” 

Not only were they able to see the status of client accounts, but the tools provided insight into how well they were performing. All efforts became measurable and compared to number of wins.

Projects team able to access client conversations from the sales pipeline 

Once a sale closes, clients are turned over to the land of projects-- where proposals, approvals and deliverables live. One of the greatest things about Accelo for Ziller is the complete record of client interactions. Trent elaborates, “our key employees not involved in sales can still at anytime get an insight into what happened in the sales pipeline, which is awesome for transparency.” 

Linking work done to invoices sent increases billable utilization 

“We use Xero for accounting, and previously used Zoho sales for our customer relationships. It just seemed inefficient.” As it turns out, there was no link between the work done for clients and invoices sent.

As a result, “it was hard to understand how much money was coming in based on work that was being done at the time.” Being able to document hours allowed them to know how much work they were doing and subsequently bill for that time.

Trying Accelo in your business

If you'd like to see if Accelo can help your business transition easily from the mess of sales communications to a defined, organized model, we'd love you to try it for yourself.

Ziller Digital Agency is an award-winning boutique agency, recognised for innovation and technology. Their team is located in Sydney, Australia and consists of passionate and dedicated designers, developers, strategists and UX specialists who draw upon a combined 30 years experience to develop businesses into success stories.Learn more about Ziller

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