3 of Accelo's Biggest 2018 Upgrades & Features

Best Features of 2018

23-Jan 2019

Here, we have highlighted some of our top features of 2018, as well as a few honorable mentions:

1. Activity Templates:

What is an activity in the system? Prime activities include: creating notes, sending an email, scheduling a meeting, and logging a call. You might find yourself sending the same types of emails out repeatedly. Activity templates are a great tool which allows you to have pre-written messages and responses to save you ample time when creating activities.

activity template screenshot

For example, in a sale, when you create an activity and send out an email you’ll find new a aspect on the right side, the “Show Activity Templates” icon. The templates live inside categories you create, with the hover over feature you get a quick preview of your templates. From there pick a template that you’ve made and send it off.

If something is in “My Categories,” that means these are templates you’ve created, and you’re the only one who can see it and use it. If something is in “Shared Categories,” that means templates are shared among your organization and other people can use them.

Create categories and templates by clicking on the three dot icon next to the “Activity Templates.” There’s options to add a new template, add a new category, as well as manage activity templates. When creating a new template, make sure to pay attention to the “Type.” It’s important because the “Show Merge Fields” will populate the corresponding merge fields from which type you select.

2. Checklists on Tasks:

Checklists are for ad-hoc work and are designed to simplify a task to make pieces of work easy to manage. Think of it as simple executable items, clarifying what needs to be done.

checklist on task screenshot

Start by going to your “Task Board” and click into one of your tasks. Now you should be seeing the new “Checklist.” All you have to do is click the field and add your items. From there you can cross them off when completed, re-order them if need be, and delete if necessary.

Note that they’re an added list within a task. You don’t assign a checklist item or log time against them. The purpose is to check them off and complete them. It does show who completed the item once you check it off, giving your team visibility into who is completing the smaller action items.

3. Branding/Custom Logo

You most likely have your colorful theme set already, but if not locate this feature under “General Configuration,” scroll to the bottom to the “Look and Feel Section.” From there, upload your business logo and customize the top and left side navigations to your personal liking. If you want a more in-depth walkthrough check out our recent blog dedicated to the branding, custom logo features.

accelo branding custom logo screenshot

Honorable Mentions

Upgraded Ticket Screen:

In the top navigation select “Create” and find “Ticket.” This new UI experience has expanded from one column into three columns. New highlights include the ability to create a new company and create a new contact when creating a ticket.

Timesheet via Mobile App:

Just as you would have a daily and weekly timesheet in your desktop version, you also have it in your mobile app.

New Materials List:

In the left navigation select the shopping bag icon for the “Materials List” section. Enabling the ability to filter your list.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the webinar! There’s plenty more where that came from. Be sure to keep an eye on our bi-weekly newsletter, blogs, and social media to get Accelo’s latest updates. Save the date: next webinar is February 13, 2019 (February 14th if you're in the Asia-Pac region). We’ll have more details to share shortly!

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