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Best Practice Session: Live Q&A

15-Aug 2018

Are you loving Accelo but have questions about a particular feature?
Maybe you're looking for a bit more guidance on how to set something up?
If so, you’re in luck!

We're hosting a special Best Practice Session on Wednesday, August 29th (or 30th if you're in the APAC region) that's all about helping you run your business with ease! We'll spend the first 15 minutes going over anything new in Accelo and then open up the floor for you to chat live with our product expert, Corey Ayers. 

Corey will advise you on best practices across a multitude of topics - from Scheduling and Sales to Tickets and Tasks - but please note, he won't have time to answer everything. To get in first, we encourage you to leave your question in the comments section below or Tweet it to us beforehand to ensure your question gets heard!

Please find a time that suits you best below and follow the link to register:

  • San Francisco (8am and 4pm)
  • Chicago (10am on Wed)
  • New York (11am on Wed)
  • London (4pm on Wed)
  • Berlin (5pm on Wed)
  • Cape Town (5pm on Wed)
  • Moscow (6pm on Wed)
  • Dubai (7pm on Wed)
  • Singapore (7am on Thur)
  • Sydney (9am on Thur)
  • Auckland (11am on Thur)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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