Invoicing Doesn't Have To Be A Nightmare

How To Invoice Clients

10-Sep 2018

Invoicing is one of our favorite topics to cover because, across industries, the struggle is the same: disorganized invoicing eats up too much time. There must be a better way, so how can you be strategic with your invoicing?

Use Templates

A template is a great place to start if you're looking to standardize and streamline the billing process. Create a set of master invoice templates to reuse each month and productivity will increase tenfold. Accelo templates generate a professional invoice in minutes.

Another big value-add is every invoice is on-brand; your design and layout are always uniform, no matter who from the team e-mails the client. Additionally, customize the details that are visible to your client. If you're curious about creating fully customizable invoices, take a look at how we do it or sign up for a free trial

Sync Payment Data

For small business owners, collecting payments can take up way too much of your time and resources. That's why we provide an invoicing software that syncs with Quickbooks and Xero built right into our platform. Quickbooks software integration collects payments and accesses data in a way that is straightforward and effortless. Learn more about how to sync your transactions with QuickbooksLearn more about integration with the Xero accounting software here. Getting paid should be the least of your worries when running a business.

Automate Your Billing

While we hope that you're not still using checks and paper invoices, we understand that, for some, this may seem like an option. By automating your billing you're not only saving a ton of time, you're also gaining visibility that isn't possible otherwise. Track payments in real-time, view who hasn't opened their billing email, and get paid instantly. Big Blue Digital cut their invoicing cycle down from 60 days to just 18 with the help of ServOps. 

Invoicing can be seamless, efficient, and thorough. If you're looking to increase efficiency, build revenue, and cut down your billing cycle then we suggest giving ServOps a try. Turn your billing over to a ServOps system and see how easy it is to standardize, sync, and automate the process. If you're looking for a solution that actually works month-over-month then sign up for a free trial today

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