Best Practices Webinar: Requests

[Video] Best Practices Webinar: Requests

6-Jun 2017

Ever wondered how you can capture incoming Sales, Support or Web Form inquiries? Our best practices webinar held on Thursday, June 15th (or Friday the 16th if you were on Asia-Pacific time) highlights Accelo's Request Module which can be utilized by every member of the team.

In just a few minutes of setup, you are able to capture incoming inquiries from potential or current clients as well as internal work that needs to be queued up.

We start with a general overview with examples of use cases and then went and set up a Request Queue live. Once set up, we walked through how to reply, relocate or convert these requests. For those interested in converting requests automatically to Sales or Tickets, we’ll show you how to do so!

Possible Use Cases:

1. Capture lead inquiries to a sales@[domain].com (Sales Team)
2. Capture inquiries to a support@[domain].com (Support Team)
3. Action inquiries to an emergency@[domain].com (Admin Team)
4. Receive documents for current or future work to a documents@[domain].com (Project & Service Team)
5. Automatically have all support@[domain].com inquiries convert into Tickets [Service Team]

You can find a recording of the best practice webinar here:


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