Google Analytics & Accelo Beta Testing is live!

Beta Now Open: Google Analytics and Accelo Integration!

By Christa Balingit
Marketing Communications Manager
Feb 13 2019 read

Today we've launched a brand new beta program open to all Accelo users - a smart linking integration with Google Analytics!

Used by over 85% of websites who track traffic, Google Analytics is the dominant product to understand how a website, ecommerce store or other online platform is performing. For digital agencies who aim to help their clients succeed online, Google Analytics (or GA for its regular users) is a critical tool for understanding the performance of tactics and opportunities for improvement and growth.

As an agency grows, the number of accounts and profiles they're managing for their clients also grows - and grows fast! New websites, microsites, campaigns and partnerships all create their own profiles (often more than one!) and it can quickly become a challenge to make sure you're using the right account. Of course, time spent finding the right account is time wasted, and if you or your colleagues use the wrong account for your analysis and advice, you'll be doing a lot more harm than good!

We know that you're overseeing digital work for several clients and rely on Google Analytics to help track their progress. With this new integration, you can do so with ease by linking from their client accounts, projects and retainers directly to specific client profiles direct in Google Analytics.

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If you're an agency that uses Google Analytics and Accelo, and interested in trying this beta, we'd love to and get you started. Just email
[email protected] and we'll enable it for your account and follow-up with details on how to use it.

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