Accelo Gets Spooky

Boo! Accelo Celebrates Halloween

2-Nov 2018

Autumn has struck and the first sign that we're deep in the throes of apple eating, pumpkin picking, and candy craving is Halloween. Our Denver and San Francisco office celebrated by revisiting some favorite memories of the spooky holiday and by hosting an office potluck, complete with many different kinds of donuts!

Take a look at some of our team members' favorite Halloween memories. Complete with pictures!

Kyra R. 

I was Barbarella a few years ago complete with light up space-suit.

Hannah A. 

I wanted to be a baked potato with toppings for a long time but was always too lazy to make that costume. Favorite costume: I did a really bad rendition of creating a homemade Spongebob costume in college. It’s pretty gnarly, but my friends also dressed up as characters from the show in equally bad costumes. Here I am, crushing Plankton:


Kara C.

I’m Mr. Clean this year.


Alana Z.

Amelia Earhart, but Prince was also a very fun costume. 

Julia S.

I was Harry Potter every year from 2000-2006.


Absolute favorite was dressing up as Anakin as a young lad, my father was Obi-Wan.


I've had a 20 + year tradition - I carve way too many pumpkins, and then gather those from the neighbors after Halloween and have a bowling festival called Smash Fest.


Josh T.

At UC Santa Barbara, my friends and I dressed up as the Ghostbusters and blasted the theme song as we ran around town chasing the Stay Puft Man. We got so popular that everyone wanted a picture with us, including the police #IVGhostbusters.

JTHappy Halloween, everyone! Thanks for celebrating with us, and don't forget that once the holidays are over you can schedule those long forgotten meetings with our automated project management system. Sign up for a free trial - we promise it's not scary!

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