Brand New Permissions Now Live!

18-Mar 2015

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new Permissions - the largest upgrade to the core of Accelo in the last two years! Our engineering team worked extensively to rewrite every screen and function that had access controls (which is all of them, multiple times over!). It was designed to allow our users to easily go through, module-by-module and adjust the permissions based on both individual users and group access.

Fine Grained Control and Easy to Use

Anyone who's been responsible for setting up accounts, groups and access rights in Accelo before now will know the frustrations with our previous access control feature - the "6 mystery boxes" of permissions that we know left you scratching your heads - "what the heck does 'process' mean anyway?"

Before permissions2

With the Contractors upgrade, our superheros in the engineering department rose to the challenge by giving the Permissions a complete overhaul, giving our users more fine-grained and easy to use control of permissions across their teams.

With a simple click, our users are now able to grant their team access to all elements of a specific product or feature, and if a user is part of a group that already grants them the permission you can see it easily too. Concise descriptions that have been added for each permission grant, allowing for clear understanding of what exactly the different permissions do.

This upgrade also introduces for the first time the ability to grant users (including contractors) specific access to individual sales, projects, issues and other objects on a case by case basis, and also includes the ability to control or restrict access to specific attachment folders and files for super fine-grained access control.

New Permissions

How to Restrict & Grant Access

To grant (and restrict) access to users and groups within Accelo, navigate to the User or Group Permissions tool under the Configuration menu:

Individual user copy

Under the User Permissions tool, you can set permissions by user, group, and for each product, and now you can easily toggle between groups and individual users just by using the search drop town in the top.

Group Access

For more information on granting and restricting access to your contractors visit our help-desk.

Coming soon

While this rewrite of the core of the Accelo access control has been pretty epic, we're not done yet. Near the top of our priorities is the ability to negate or permissions on specific objects. This will mean that our users will have the ability to take away access to a specific sale, project, issue or other object so you can say "by default, give this user/group access, but on this sensitive sale/project/issue we want to remove their access". We will let you know as soon as we have more information about the upcoming release.

Tell us what you think

We'd be naive if we believed a rewrite this big - touching every screen in Accelo often dozens of times - would be flawless. While we've tested extensively over the last 3 weeks, there is probably going to be a quirk or two and we'd love your feedback - if something looks amiss, please email and share details of the bug, quirk or your ideas and insights - we want to hear from you!

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