Are You Spending Too Much Time On Invoicing?

Bringing Automation Into Invoicing

28-Feb 2019
Building Revenue

How can small to medium-sized businesses invoice effectively and not lose money with late payments? Having an automated process for invoicing saves time with invoice creation and makes collecting payments easier through automated triggers. If you’re new to Service Operations (ServOps) the first step for simplifying the process is to look at templates and create one that works for you and represents your brand.

Why is a template important?:

Having a template guarantees that each invoice you send is professional and includes the basic information needed to accept payments. For example, the template can make the following information standard for every client:

  • A unique identification number

  • Date of invoice

  • Your name and contact information

  • Client name and contact information


At the start of a contract, it’s important to be upfront with your client on projected cost. Opening an invoice and being surprised at the balance is never good. Be as realistic as possible with payment and project time. You can also utilize a retainer so there is a financial commitment up front before the work starts.


Getting paid should be quick and easy, however, the entire process (from the creation of the invoice to receiving payment) has the potential to eat up at least one workday every month.

Know Your Client:

We don’t usually think of invoicing this way, however, invoices are a form of communication. It’s not in a typical email, meeting, or phone call format, but you are relaying valuable information. The invoice itself should honor that client-agency relationship.


How to save time and communicate effectively through invoices? Automation. An example of an automated, basic workflow for invoicing would go as follows:

Create Standard Company Invoice Template  > Sign Contract > Deliver Services or Products > Utilize Template > Send Invoice > Get Paid > No Payment? > Trigger Payment Reminder.

Take a look at how to simplify your monthly invoices with a free trial of ServOps.

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