Does Accelo Have a Bug Bounty Program?

29-Apr 2019
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Geoff McQueen FOUNDER & CEO

Does Accelo have a Bug Bounty Program?


Do you support responsible disclosure?

We absolutely do. If you see something that you think represents a security vulnerability or issue, please email We appreciate insights and suggestions, but have only compensated disclosure in a financial sense on a very rare basis. If you're thinking that you should speculatively try and come up with things to disclose about Accelo in the hope of a monetary reward, you're highly likely to be disappointed.

Does this mean you don't engage external security services and advice?

Absolutely not. We work with a range of external vendors - the difference is, we're choosing who to engage with, the financial rewards of engagement and ensuring that the work of these specialists doesn't disrupt our paying clients.

To show it is possible to jack-knife a big-rig on a major highway in the snow doesn't mean you have to actually jack-knife a big rig on a major highway in the snow when it is open to traffic - at the very least this behavior causes inconvenience and hassle to other motorists. 

This is why we do not financially reward speculative research disclosure as a matter of policy.

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