Bulk Reassigning Work Has Never Been Easier

22-Oct 2014

Losing an employee is never easy, especially when it comes time to hand off all of the client work they were responsible for to someone else on the team. When you've got a bunch of things outstanding from them, whether it be client accounts they are managing, projects they are managing or tasks they've got on their list, you want the handoff process to be as painless as possible. 

What's why we created and released the new Bulk Reassign Work feature inside of Accelo! This new feature gives you the ability to quickly reassign all of the work your former team member had assigned to them to another employee. It's super simple to use and only takes a minute or two. Here's how it works: 

To access a list of all the current users in your Accelo account, click on your name (top right-hand corner) and select "Users" from the drop down. 

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Once you get to your users list, click on the name of your former team member to access their "User Summary". 


On their summary screen, click on the "Bulk Re-Assign Work" button in the top menu bar. 


On the Bulk Re-Assign Work screen under "Step 1: Select records from below", you can use the checkboxes to select which records within any object that you want to reassign. 


Under "Step 2: Select new assignee then click 'Save', select the user from the drop down list that you want to reassign the work to. Hit save, and that's it! 


We wanted to simplify the reassignment process, specifically in the unfortunate situation of an employee leaving the business. Making it simple to change who is assigned to things rather than having to go into one object, one company and one task at a time (which is just laborious and downright painful) makes your life that much easier. 

Note: This feature is accessible to all admins on the account.

Have questions about the new Bulk Reassign Work feature? Email support@accelo.com or tweet us @Accelo and we'll help you out! 

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