Using ServOps To Boost Innovation

How To Unleash Creativity with ServOps

21-Dec 2018
Project Management

For small to medium-sized businesses, creativity and team collaboration are pivotal to stand out from the competition. Being able to work as a team and deliver unique deliverables are crucial. However, with more traditional business models it can be difficult to find places where you can professionally express innovation.

Unleashing Creativity:

Once you discover people's strengths, you can build teams for project collaboration by pairing up people with diverse skill sets. However, when people work together you have to make sure that everyone is aligned with processes and goals. Organizational systems and seamless communication can make or break a project.  This common pitfall can be avoided easily. Behind dynamic initiatives is a powerful project management system. With an automated platform, you never have to worry. Create workflows, manage retainers, track time and communication, and organize collaborative efforts for your entire company.

Service Operations Automation allows your employees to be creative and do their best work-- they no longer are wasting time investigating where the status of a project because the work that’s been done is visible to anyone at any time. The stress of bringing on someone new midway through a project is gone when you know that all emails, meeting notes, and workflows are available for them on the platform.


"It is that combination of expertise, exploration, and collaboration that leads to truly breakthrough ideas." 

Getting Organized:

Finally, it can be time-consuming making sure that everyone is caught up on the latest communication, project status, and upcoming tasks. The level of organization needed for teams to deliver success is overwhelming. The Harvard Business Review published an article that said,

“A team of researchers analyzing 17.9 million scientific papers found that the most highly cited work is far more likely to come from a team of experts in one field working with a specialist in something very different. It is that combination of expertise, exploration, and collaboration that leads to truly breakthrough ideas."

Utilize ServOps for the business side of things so you can focus on growth, flexibility, and problem-solving. You might be surprised to see how well you work when you have the time and space to be creative. If you’re new to ServOps and want to give the platform a try sign up for a free trial today!

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