Case Study Roundup: Accelo Success Stories

Case Study Roundup: Service Businesses That Benefit From Accelo

7-Jul 2020

Accelo’s mission is to help all service businesses succeed. Our customers hail from various industries, yet our commitment stays the same: to manage and automate administrative and manual tasks so you can focus on the work that matters. We’re delighted to highlight four companies that are making a huge impact in their respective industries and how Accelo is helping them reach their goals. 

Ascent Financial serves the agricultural community with business and transition planning. The team works hard to offer over 3,000 clients the most comprehensive consulting, financial planning, and asset management services available in the industry. With so many customers depending on them, it’s important to ensure the team has full visibility into the work that is being done for each project and who is assigned to each task. 

Britt Waibel, the Office Manager at Ascent Financial, found that employees were becoming frustrated with the amount of time manual, administrative tasks were taking each month, and this was starting to impact the quality of work. Once it became clear that the company needed a new system that could help solve their problems, Britt began researching alternatives to their home-grown, legacy system and found Accelo. She was instantly impressed with its crisp, clean, and easy-to-use design. 

With Accelo, Britt immediately noticed several improvements. Administrative work including drafting monthly updates, invoices, and reports used to take 12 hours per month. That time has decreased by 67%.

"Accelo is our main hub where we store all the documents that clients submit," Britt explains. "Almost everything is done in Accelo. We no longer have to do things manually, and it has given us a lot of time back."

NY Sun Works focuses on using hydroponic farming technology to educate students and teachers about sustainability and has gone onto build science labs in over 129 schools, which far exceeded its original goal of 100. For this type of expansion, Margarita Rosas—who handles Finance and Operations at NY Sun Works and had previous experience with Accelo—knew they needed to invest in a platform that could support their growth as they continued in their journey. The company was also struggling with managing and controlling internal operations, which quickly led to a breakdown of communication between employees. 

After deciding to move to Accelo, NY Sun Works began to reap the benefits. Since implementing Accelo, efficiency has increased by 20%, the quality of work greatly improved, and less time was spent on billing, which led to more time focused on client work. 

“One way Accelo helps enhance our competitive advantage is through strengthening the relationships we have with our schools,” Margarita said. “We are more organized and have more insight into what’s happening on a daily basis. That knowledge has helped us us serve them better.” 

It's no surprise that technological advances have changed the way almost every service business industry operates. What is surprising, though, is that architecture has largely been unchanged. The industry as a whole has been run the same way for a long time, and hasn't changed its processes in years. Method Architecture, a company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is breaking away from the mold and is embracing technology to provide exceptional architectural services to 20+ clients.

Josh Kunkel, CEO and Founder of Method Architecture, realized he needed a solution that would provide great experiences for his clients. He tried other solutions, but found many of them would not provide the results he was looking for. That is—until he found Accelo. In one year, Accelo has saved the company $12,000 a year and has significantly improved the way the business runs. 

“Right away, we were impressed with how the platform looked,” Josh recalls. “We are architects and so everything that we do has to look good. We’re very visual. One of the most important reasons we chose Accelo is because it looks good, it's intuitive, and it's customizable.” 

Darby Lee Young, the Founder and Principal Accessibility Strategist at Level Playing Field, was trying to run her growing business solely using spreadsheets. Her consultancy firm develops and promotes accessible and universal design solutions to create spaces for those with disabilities in urban environments. Darby and her team work with architects, designers, and property managers across Canada and the U.S. With so much to track, Darby found herself wasting hours manually updating files and Excel to help her run her business. It didn’t take long for her to realize that her time was better doing revenue-generating work, so she quickly sought out a system that could help her with just that. 

“First and foremost, I needed and wanted something that was user-friendly. I didn't have experience using project management software before so I needed something that was quite straightforward," Darby explained. “I also wanted something that incorporated all our client work in one place - so that my staff and I weren't having to jump around between different programs just to do our work.” 

Darby found just that in Accelo. After a seamless transition of all of her internal and external data, she regained the time she needed to focus on growth rather than administrative work.  After just 12 months of working in Accelo, Darby has grown her business 20x, improved profitability by boosting utilization, and reducing the amount of time spent on busywork.  

These are just a few stories of businesses that are leveraging Accelo to help streamline business operations, grow their company with confidence, and eliminate the frustrations that come with manual work. If you would like to read other customer success stories, you can check out our case studies page for more. You can also sign up for a free trial today to see for yourself how Accelo can help your company. 


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