Happy 8 Year Anniversary, Mahlon!

Celebrating Mahlon's 8 Year Accelo-versary!

11-Dec 2020
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Mahlon Duke, our Technical Product Expert in the San Francisco office, is celebrating his 8 year Accelo-versary today! We couldn’t let the day pass without taking the opportunity to reflect on his achievements, thank him for his tireless efforts and show our appreciation for his leadership and contributions over the years. 

If you ask his colleagues what Mahlon does at Accelo, you’ll find it hard to get a straight answer simply because he does EVERYTHING. A job title such as the “Accelo Guru” would be fitting, but ‘Technical Product Expert’ will suffice. 

“Mahlon brings us so much joy! He’s the person that when people come to visit the San Francisco office, he’s the first to make them an itinerary and show them the best places to get lunch or teaches everyone new to the office on the right way to make coffee.  He never sweats the small stuff, he is so generous with his time and he’s a fountain of knowledge always willing to teach.” - Danielle Oruska, Director of Professional Services 

For Mahlon, working in a startup was a perfect fit because curiosity often gets the best of him.  He’s constantly searching for ways to better improve our team's quality of work. When Mahlon finds a problem, he jumps right in to create a solution. For this reason, he’s been able to work in implementation, account management, marketing, sales, data, product and technical support – in addition to his own work and responsibilities!  


Mahlon (left) and long time colleague, Glenn Fowler.

“No matter where you work, there are going to be problems. The frustration comes when you see a problem that you have no control over and can’t fix. I love working at Accelo because if there is a problem, you have the opportunity to actually do something about it.  If you take the initiative here, you really can do anything.”  - Mahlon Duke

Since the day that Mahlon found the Accelo job ad on CraigsList, he’s been an instrumental part of launching the help site, the rebranding of AffinityLive as Accelo, training the implementation team, integrating Accelo with numerous platforms, and most recently, building the Reports module which went live in September - to name a few! 

“He runs weekly sessions with our support team, helping answer any questions they have and coaches them on solving problems. Overall his calm, laid back, but confident nature has had a huge influence on not only our clients but also our internal team, particularly newer folks coming on board.” - Eamonn Bell, Founder and Managing Director 

Aside from doing work that he loves, it’s the friendship and camaraderie that are irreplaceable for Mahlon at Accelo. 

"Accelo has fostered a positive company culture that can't be matched. It naturally attracts great people who work hard and value helping others, making it easy to connect with co-workers."  - Mahlon Duke 

Thanks, Mahlon, for being a perfect example of someone at Accelo who embodies all of our values. We are so lucky to have you as our Technical Product Expert. 

We are always looking for great people like Mahlon to join our team in San Francisco, Wollongong and Denver so keep an eye out for new job listings on our Careers Page and on our people & culture Instagram (@helloaccelo) for an opportunity to join the fun!

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