Cross off 2018 with Task Checklists

Checklists For Your Tasks

20-Dec 2018

Who doesn't love the feeling of ticking things off their checklist? Accelo's excited to bring you more of that sense of accomplishment when working with Tasks, by introducing the new Checklist feature, available to all Accelo users!

Anytime you are creating or viewing a task, you'll find the new Checklist feature just under the Task Description - where you can add, remove, re-order and complete items with ease.

giffy checklist

- Note that you'll need permission to Edit the task in order to modify the checklist.

Add a checklist as you create a task

No more butchering the description field of your tasks to list out the key to-do items - now your team can add real checklist items as they create the task, and even mark-off the ones that are already done! To keep it simple, checklist items don't have an assignee, but Accelo will record which user completed each item ;-)

create task chk

Checklists in Task Templates?

To get this into your hands before Christmas, we've had to hold back on this feature - but fear not - we will be upgrading all the places you can template tasks, such as in retainer types, projects templates and more so you can have checklists built into your pre-configured work.

Nice to know

A few limitations and areas we're still working on:

  • You can only have one checklist per task - but there's no limit to the number of items in a checklist ;-)
  • Parent/child checklist items aren't supported - so you can't indent/nest items under other items, but we're open to further feedback on this.
  • Checklists aren't available on tasks in our Mobile Apps just yet, but we're working on it.
  • Completing a task won't complete the checklist items, however we're reviewing this improvement.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please reach out to us via


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