Connect Coders & Clients with the New JIRA Integration

2-Oct 2013
Sarah Khogyani

As one of the leading providers of software management, Atlassian's JIRA allows developers to plan, build and maintain software. Whether it's customization or support work, a lot of that planning and maintenance happens in JIRA. When the rest of your business is running in Accelo, it's important to connect the important details. The latest integration launched this week marks, for the first time, a connector that synchronizes your client, project, support & retainer information with JIRA. 

It creates a seamless, two way synchronization of developer notes and worklogs in JIRA with client communications, service budgets and billing in Accelo. Developers can view real-time communications from clients without having to leave JIRA while client service and support teams get real-time updates on projects, services & retainers. 

Log Work and Track Budgets in Real Time

JIRA, known for managing software development, makes it easy to create issues and log the amount of work done by development teams. The two-way integration with Accelo keeps issue data in sync and eliminates double entry. When developers log work in JIRA, Accelo is automatically updated with a billable time entry, making it easy for service teams to track progress and budgets in real time.

Easily Bill for Development Work

Because worklogs from JIRA are automatically pushed to Accelo’s central business hub, billing becomes simpler than ever. Whether it’s an issue, project or part of a contract/retainer, the amount of work done in JIRA is now automatically fed into Accelo’s budget and usage reports. These time entries make it easy for client-facing staff to invoice for customization and support work and track progress against agreed budgets and deadlines.

Sync Relevant Emails into JIRA

Emails are also synced across into JIRA. Whenever clients reply to emails from the company with comments or questions, their emails are automatically pushed to JIRA as comments. This way, developers maintain distance from clients while still getting an overview of the conversation.

See Progress Updates As They Come In

When developers make comments in JIRA, Accelo is automatically updated with a new note. While in Accelo, client service teams can stay up-to-date with issue statuses and follow-up with clients.

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