Sales + Project Management = A Winning Combo

Boost B2B Business by Aligning Sales and Project Management Teams

15-Jan 2019

Sales and project management teams are typically treated as separate systems of the B2B business process. Sales teams are focused on the first steps of the primary conversation with prospective leads and closing new deals; while project management teams come in later to monitor the scoping and organization, ensuring project goals are achieved.

Instead of dividing the two departments, try reimagining the process. Having them work together in the beginning of the sales process can increase company revenue and business communication. Here’s 3 benefits of including project management at the start of the sales process:

1. First Impressions Are Everything

The initial thought of, “too many cooks in the kitchen,” might be your first inkling. But great chefs can have sous-chefs. When a sales representative starts a demo with their potential client, including the project management team as part of the beginning process shows how seriously you respect their business. Project management centers on team collaborative efforts. Give potential clients the opportunity to see this teamwork from the get-go. With both the project management team and sales team working together in the early stages, enables potential clients a peek into how much your business values partnership and the camaraderie of working together.

2. The Project Planning Starts Now

Be known for your consistency and make good on your word. Sales teams specialize in opening the conversation and building the foundation of the relationship with potential clients. The project management team is responsible for meeting those client expectations that were discussed with the sales team. PM’s have an in-depth understanding of the overall project and what can and cannot be done. When the project management team is a part of the early conversation, they can create realistic goals and deadlines from the start. Combined with the sales team’s efforts they can carve a practical and dynamic plan. So, once the deal is closed and the project is in progress, there’s no surprises.

3. Recurring Work, Retainers, and Loyal Customers

When selecting vendors for any job we go to ones that we can trust and who have proven to us that their services are our best, reliable option. Solution selling is at the heart of B2B - when your business has an unbeatable product, paired with a convincing pitch, and meet (or exceed) all expectations along the way, clients will opt for your business over the competition every time. When clients have recurring work this can evolve into retainers, monthly projects, and as a result stable revenue for your business. Loyal customers can speak to your services going above and beyond, can refer more clients, and speak to your brand and consistency. 

Not only are you more likely to close a deal when combining two sets of expertise at the start, but with everyone working out the gate it exemplifies how seamlessly your internal team works together, and how you'll bring that same dynamic to your collaborative efforts with your clients. Get started connecting your project management and sales with our ServOps platform, sign up for a free trial

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