Continuum now integrates with Accelo!

Jan 28 2016 read

Today we're excited to announce our first new partner application for 2016: Continuum!


Continuum is a provider of cloud-based IT management software such as RMM and BDR tools, and today we're releasing our integration with their RMM system so that tickets created through their alerts processes are synchronized in both directions with Accelo's tickets and billing products.

This marks the third RMM integration we've developed (joining MaxFocus and Kaseya), but the Continuum RMM approach is a little different because their offering also includes 24/7 tech teams who monitor alerts and try and fix them for your clients in the background - saving you and your colleagues from the dreaded 2am pager notification or phone call that there's an urgent outage!

Given our focus on helping our user do the work they love (by streamlining and automating the things they hate), pairing up with the fast-growing Continuum team is something we're really excited about. It is also create news for the thousands of Continuum users who are currently stuck with legacy Accelo vendors - they can now take advantage of all the benefits of Accelo (including our import tools that make migrating easy!)

Continue reading to see how it works, and if you'd like to try it for yourself email [email protected] or if you don't have an account yet sign up for a free trial!

How it Works

With the Continuum and Accelo integration, MSP’s can easily sync their incoming tickets from Continuum to Accelo’s request queue (and even create tickets in Accelo that they assign to the Continuum NOC team).

When a ticket is created in Continuum, it is automatically pushed across to Accelo in real time. The new ticket in Accelo contains the details about the client (or site in Continuum), the status and the asset or device the ticket is related to.


As the NOC or Helpdesk teamwork on the ticket on the Continuum side, any notes they make are synchronized automatically, showing up as activities in Accelo. Similarly, any work you and your colleagues do on the ticket will be pushed back to the Continuum ticket as a note, keeping you and the Continuum NOC/Helpdesk teams in sync at all times.

If the ticket becomes something you or your colleagues need to take over, you can simply re-assign it in Accelo and we'll update Continuum automatically so their NOC/Helpdesk team don't get confused or have your team and theirs tripping over each other.

While the Continuum team can mark their tickets as resolved, the final step of closing the Ticket (and approving time, applying it to a contract/retainer and/or invoicing the client) is something reserved for your team members. You do all of this in Accelo, and the Continuum ticket is updated automatically.

When you connect Accelo and Continuum you'll need to create another Professional user in Accelo for the Continuum NOC user (and potentially one for the Helpdesk too if you use that feature in Continuum). While this does involve having another billable user in Accelo, it ensures that you're able to get all the benefits of assigning work to the Continuum NOC (or Helpdesk) teams, work you can then bill your clients for (even though you're not having to directly pay the Continuum folks to do it!)

Try it now

Any Service subscription of Accelo can now easily connect their Continuum management server. You’ll start seeing the requests automatically flow in from Continuum to the Accelo requests queue right away.

Want to give it a try but don't have an account? Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Accelo Service.

More Information

To find out more information about this integration, check out:

  • The Continuum listing in the Partner Application part of our website

  • The Continuum setup page in the help and support section of our website

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