Direct Emailing with Accelo

By Sarah Khogyani
Jun 20 2013 read

With the easy-to-use Campaigns Module, you can send emails to your clients directly from Accelo, making it easier than ever to stay in touch and grow your business. By utilizing the power of the sales database in Accelo, you can create targeted marketing emails, routine messages and everything in between.

Send easily and efficiently

With Campaigns, you can simply search your database, select the people whom you'd like to contact, and send your message directly from Accelo. There are no third-party applications to worry about, so you’ll be able to deliver on your own time without the hassle of exporting, importing and managing changes like unsubscribes.

Use the data you already have

What’s great about direct emailing from Accelo is that you can make use of the shared, client database you already have. Strategically filter through your list of contacts and select the groups of clients you’d like to email using our powerful filters, and if you have a filter recipe you use regularly, simply save it and as new people get added to Accelo which match the criteria, they'll be part of future campaigns automatically.

Just like sending a single email from Accelo, the Campaigns Module will use the custom email signature you have set up so that all emails are personalized to you and your business. 

Built for real communication with (all) your clients 

While there are hundreds of email newsletter products on the market, we've found the most effective marketing emails are short, simple and look just like you'd written them directly to the recipient as a one off. We built the Direct Email feature in the new Campaigns module for just this purpose - now you can send emails to literally thousands of your clients yet each one will be personalized, individually delivered and most importantly, look just like an email you'd have sent them yourself!

While our Direct Emails might be lacking in some design flair, they're prefect for busy people reading emails on smartphones; open, read-through and click-through rates are high for those emails that appear to be written by a person, not designed by a marketer. 

Schedule and test emails

Sending a batch of emails, depending on the campaign, can require some detailed efforts. You might want to proof your message to make sure everything is in working order or schedule the blast to make sure time zones are kept in mind. With the Campaigns Module, easily test and schedule your campaigns before making the big send-off. 

All the power of real-time reporting and analytics

This simple emailing module also provides the power of real-time analytics. Any direct email campaign you send also includes statistics on open rates, click-through rates, email bounces, and more. 

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