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By Eliana
Jul 17 2015 read

You’re a midfielder who needs to get the ball from one side of the field to the other. With 10 seconds left in the match, you need a quick play to secure a win. That’s when you are reminded of the game-day playbook that details this precise situation. You dribble down the left of the field, pass to the forward who gives and goes to the sweeper, a cross-over to the right of the field, your forward heads the ball past the goalie - you score! It may have been luck in the end, but this play largely relied on the successful execution of a well-laid out plan.

The best sports teams have playbooks, so why do so many business development teams think they can get by without one? Like in sports, selling a service involves many steps to success. A customer relationship playbook can guide your team in the next steps of the relationship-building process from the time a customer enters your sales funnel to the time the sale has closed. Your playbook should automate the process for you. A winning playbook should integrate with your sales, be easy to use, and optimize your sales results.

CRMs: One size does not fit all

Most saless allow for tracking, but often don’t all allow you to easily implement your playbook. Having the ability to completely incorporate your playbook into your sales provides your team with greater flexibility and insights into the sales process and customer nurturing process. It gives your sales team the tools to know when to contact (email, phone, meetings), when to quote, or even when to wait, so that you can take the guessing game out of your sales process.

Make it digestible & easy to use

An effective playbook is user-friendly, easy to follow, and effortlessly repeated. In a nutshell, it should streamline your sales process and make it easy for you to build your customer relationships. But let’s face it, following a playbook is often easier said than done - especially when using a sales that requires manual field and status updates.

If you could automatically and intelligently capture all new business leads, trigger reminders, and automatically release designated content based on your playbook, you would have an easy-to-use playbook.

With an automated playbook, you would also be able to create a consistent customer experience, facilitate your team training, and optimize your team performance.

Optimized results

Imagine if you could easily show new business development staff how your all-star partner sells - and wins. When incorporating the rules of your playbook into your sales's automated processes, you're better poised to set your sales team up for success, thus truly optimizing your sales process.

When you optimize your sales process, you improve the accuracy of each opportunity and provide your team with the insight needed to make informed decisions. Whether your client is a new lead, a long term customer, or just on the brink of signing with you, your streamlined playbook should drive your process, and allow you to maximize your results.

Start building lasting relationships and the foundation for success by implementing a sales that puts your playbook front and center.

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