Expense Upgrade has expanded to iOS and Android!

Expense Upgrade has expanded to iOS and Android!

Oct 29 2019 read

The Mobile team is very excited to announce that we have expanded the Expenses Upgrade features to the iOS and Android apps! This upgrade makes the Expense logging process faster and easier for our mobile users when adding or viewing an Expense in the app.

Creating, Viewing, and Submitting Expenses

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Logging an Expense in Accelo while out on the go, away from your desk is easier than ever. Whether you have the iOS or Android app, you can create an Expense from any screen by tapping on the large plus sign button toward the bottom of the screen.

On the initial Add Expense screen, you can add a photo of the receipt, title, where you want to put this Expense against, Incurred Date, and the Expense Type (set up in your configuration on the web app). After selecting the Expense type (required field), users can edit the following fields:

  • Against Object*

  • Expense Title*

  • Item*

  • Purchase price

  • Tax amount (No tax, Inclusive, or Exclusive)

  • Sale price

  • Toggle whether this Expense is Billable or Non-Billable

  • Toggle if the Expense is Reimbursable

  • Select the Vendor (within your CRM)

    *Denotes required fields

Once you select the Expense Type, the rest of the Expense fields will be displayed and auto-populate for you with the Expense Type’s default field selections. You can modify and update details as needed. It’s as easy as that. Once you hit save, you will be able to view that Expense or create another one. 

Approving or Declining Expenses

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Not only can you add Expenses on Accelo’s mobile app, but users can Approve or Decline Expenses as well! If you are viewing the Expense, you can see who submitted the Expense, and when it was submitted for Approval. Also on this screen, you have the option to Approve or Decline the Expense. If the Expense was approved, declined, or invoiced, Accelo will show who performed this action. 

These features are now available via the Android & iOS app stores, so if you see any small quirks or are confused by something, please let us know at [email protected]. Additionally, if you have feedback or ideas on how we can improve your experience on the Mobile apps, be sure to contribute to our Ideas Forum!


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