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Expert Advice: How to Demo SaaS Software Like a Pro!

21-Sep 2017

How well does your sales team represent your brand? Moreover, how well can they sell your product?

In this day and age, there are plenty of resources available for your team to succeed and deliver on these objectives. For example, free classes and training, meet-up groups, blog posts - you name it, it’s out there!

But despite this, cold calling is still falling short for many professional service businesses - mainly because potential clients are answering those calls with a more informed opinion on what it is that they want or need. That’s why it's more important than ever before to find a way to stand out from your competitors and dominate the market. How? It’s simple: demo like a pro, every time!

Here are 4 ways to delight your potential clients during their first call to keep them coming back for more:

Structured Agenda & Story

It’s simple, start your call by addressing everyone in the room. Why are they there? What is their role? What are they here to see? Then go over your agenda to ensure that you're not going completely of the mark and boring your audience. This helps you tell your story and ensures you address your hopeful champions throughout the demo when a key point of interest for them eventually pops up. Finally, always give yourself 5-10 minutes at the end of the call to digress, discuss current thoughts, and set up next steps. It’s best to plan the next call during your first call, and if you follow the tips below you’ll see this happening more often than not...

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Proper Discovery 

One thing that stops your demo from feeling like a webinar is a well-done Discovery call. The reasoning for this falls to the fact that the all-mighty internet is educating your clientele faster than you can. It isn’t so much about them learning about you as it is you learning about them. On a traditional Discovery call, you would split this down the middle; half on them and half about you. But by blending this process you’ll get more insights into what problem your contact has and how you and your product can help them solve that. It’s recommended that you spend around 15 to 20 minutes on Discovery and the rest of the hour on the next steps…

Build a Bridge

The technique of building a bridge during demoing is a way to enable your potential client to see the dream you are trying to sell. Better than that, it enables your potential client to believe in the dream you are trying to sell. The idea is to hone in on the problem, relate it to your product and then walk them across that bridge. For example, a sales solves your Client Relationship problems by pulling all of your contacts and clients into one space. So, the way you would bridge this in a demo is by addressing their problem (their contacts are in disparate folders), then explain how your product can solve this problem (integrate and automate), then show them how. This is called bridging the gap between their problem and your solution.

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Tell, Show, Tell

Similar yet different to bridging the gap is a great technique called Tell Show Tell. This idea comes from our friends at Demo2Win, who have tested the theory time-and-time again to prove that people will subconsciously only pay attention to what they are being told. For example, what the client thinks they want becomes what you believe they need, and this is rarely ever the case.

A great way to avoid this from happening on your calls is to reiterate what it is they are looking for, ask them if you show them your solution could they see their problem being solved, show them your solution, then finally tell them what it is they need. This leaves them feeling confident in the fact that you can help them - not only to understand their problems but to help solve them.

To learn more about the Tell Show Tell technique, just click here to register for your free online tutorial.


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