Exporting Timesheets

8-Aug 2012

A feature we introduced a few months ago was a great new way to report on the time people worked. Using the Timesheet Report (available under the clock icon in the main navigation), you're able to view a summary of the billable and non-billable time logged by a staff member, by a client/customer, by projects or by issues.

Viewing time logged by a client/customer is particularly useful for giving feedback to clients on the work you've been doing for them, however, it hasn't been possible to export this information out to share with your clients (other than a screenshot).

That is, until now.

Introducing the Timesheet Report Export. From any variation of the Timesheet Report screen - looking at a breakdown of hours by staff member, by client, by project or issue across any time period - you're now able to export out a detailed spreadsheet report, ideal for further calculation/reporting or providing to a client.

Simply craft the report you want to see, and then click "Export" in the top left. Accelo will crunch the numbers, and when it is ready you'll be presented with a spreadsheet to download.

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